And we’re off!

13 Jul

Good morning! I’m having a lot of fun foraying into the blogging world. I find myself going about my day, thinking about what I can put in my blog. I feel like I’ve made a whole group of friends who just want to hear about my day 🙂

Zach and I are going camping this weekend! I just love camping. Each year, a group of friends heads up to the Greenbrier River for my friend Shane’s birthday. We set up shop at this really adorable little campground way up in the mountains of West Virginia. The following day, we go to this place in Seebert, WV where we rent inner tubes for $3, and a guy piles us (and our tubes and floating coolers — can’t stay on the river all day with out some refreshments!) on to a flat bed truck and drives us to the other end of the river, drops us off and we float back. If this doesn’t sound like fun to you, let me tell you that it is. Here are some photos from last year:

The theme was sailors in case you didn’t figure that out.

So, last night Zach and I went shopping for food and camping items. I got my usual camping far: Granola bars, fruit, bread, peanut butter, jelly and of course, hot dogs and hamburgers. We also got some chips (pretzel crisps for me), and stuff to make S’mores! Not the healthiest food, I’ll admit, but not terrible either.

The grand total of our shopping trip was $120! Which put me into a panic. That’s as much as we spend on two weeks’ worth of groceries! I’m a fit girl on a budget, so this didn’t sit well with me. I was feeling a little stressed, but then this happened:

The most beautiful sunset!

I noticed as we were sitting outside that there was a beautiful sunset happening, but I was just enjoying it when this happened. The sky just caught on fire! I didn’t alter this image in any way. It only lasted about a minute, and I think I caught it at exactly the right moment. Seeing this really brought a sense of peace of mind. I was just so glad I saw it.

I woke up this morning still stressed out about money. We have another weekend trip coming up next weekend, and money is tight. Not to mention our vacation is coming up next month. I guess I’ll just have to start pinching the pennies! I did a quickie Blogilates workout and cleaned the kitchen, which seemed to calm me down.

As I type this, the rain is pouring down outside my office window. I’m afraid our camping trip is in jeopardy….stay tuned!

Do you ever get stressed about money? 

What is your favorite weekend trip? 

Have you ever been to West Virginia? 



2 Responses to “And we’re off!”

  1. Sheena July 17, 2012 at 1:56 pm #

    I am the worst when it comes to worrying about money. I even made my husband go to Financial Peace University with me! I feel your pain, because I like to plan ahead and know I have enough money for what is coming.

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