My favorites, from A to Z

19 Jul

I’ve seen a lot of the blogs I follow doing this lately, so I thought I’d jump on board.

P.S. This is a total cop-out by the way. In the interest of full-disclosure, I was out really late last night celebrating a friends birthday and maybe had one too many beers, so I don’t have any workout to share with you (I promise I’ll run after work!), and I had a bagel for breakfast (I’m definitely not sorry, and would most likely eat a second bagel if I had one).

A: Accounting. Despite the fact that I have two college degrees, I’m working towards a third degree in Accounting, because I decided I liked that field more than Science. Since I refuse to spend any more money on school, I found a loophole: I can take classes at the local Junior College for free because I work at the Library.

B: Will you judge me if I say Beer? Because I really like beer, a lot. I’m not picky. While I love a good microbrew, I’m just as easily pleased by a fizzy yellow ‘light’ beer, which is what I prefer anyway. It’s delicious if you add some lemonade. Try it.

C: Cream Cheese. I really love cream cheese. I went through a brief period of time when I wasn’t eating dairy, and I don’t know of anything I missed more. When I was a kid, I used to eat Ritz crackers piled high with cream cheese. Now I try to use it sparingly! I discovered Neufchatel recently, which is exactly like cream cheese but with 1/3rd less fat, so I can pile it a little higher 🙂

D: Dogs. I want a dog so much. When Zach and I buy a house, a dog will be the first thing we get. I want to adopt a homeless dog, not a puppy. Zach wants to buy a dog from a breeder. This will be our first major conflict. I can’t imagine buying a dog when there are so many who need homes.

E: Electricity. I never knew how much I depended on it until this summer. I hold my breath every time a storm rolls in now.

F: My friends! I know everyone says this, but I have the best friends. There is never a shortage of fun when they are around.

G: Leafy greens. I love Kale more than life, I think. I put it in and on everything. Plus, it’s super cheap 🙂

H: Halloween! It’s my favorite holiday. In fact, just around the time I start getting sad that the summer is ending, I get excited for pumpkin carving, cool evenings and costumes.

I: Ice cream. Obviously.

J: I’m going to do opposites on this one and say something I hate: Jump Rope. I hate jump rope. I’m too short, I’ve yet to find a jump rope that is short enough for me, and I just can’t do it. I’ll never join Crossfit because I’m afraid of double unders. If we have to do jump rope in a group fitness class, I just pantomime the rope.

K: Kickboxing! Last summer, Zach’s sister, Courtney, and I would go to her photography studio early every morning to do old-school Tae-Bo videos. I learned to love all the punch and kick combos that summer.

You remember this guy, right? We probably burned a bunch of calories just cracking up at his outfits and some of the things he said.

L: Legs. Runner’s legs, in fact. My thighs aren’t tiny, and I have trouble finding tall boots that are big enough to fit over my calves, but I’ve learned to love that muscle. Strong trumps skinny, every time.

M: My family. This is a copout, but I had to include them. They are the best. I don’t see them enough, and if I think about it, it makes me very sad.

N: My Nike Free Run 3’s. I’ve never been fitted for a pair of running shoes. I know I should, but these shoes are pretty great.

O: Orange kitties! In particular, my friend Susie’s cat Pete:

He’s a dog-cat.

P: Pittsburgh, PA. My hometown and favorite city!

Q: Quinoa is pretty good. It’s the only grain that is a complete protein, right? I think.

R: Running. My exercise of choice. I have a love/hate relationship with running. I love the way it makes me feel and look, but sometimes we just don’t get along. That’s kind of the fun of it though, no?

S: This is a new one, as of about 45 minutes ago: Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher. Have you had one of these yet? SO good.

Refreshing is right.

T: Tone It Up! Those ladies are gorgeous, and I love their workouts. I wish I could afford their meal plan, but it’s just not in my budget. I know many people say it’s worth it, so if you can afford it, I urge you to go for it.

U: The unconditional love that my cats have for me. I had to put them in here somewhere, they are my babies!

From L-R: Tuscany, Penny and Posey

V: Vitamins! For obvious reasons.

W: WOD’s. I said above that I’d never join Crossfit, but I love looking up WOD’s that I can do at home. They have saved me many times when I can’t make it to the gym and don’t have a lot of time for a workout.

X: This is totally cheating, but I’m replacing X with another P. I love push ups!

Y: YMCA! My gym of choice. It’s not as new as the Rec Center at my Alma Mater, but it’s really close to my house, and it really has grown on me. I know the Group Fitness Class schedule almost by heart, and I know the people there.

Z: Of course, Zach, the love of my life. I don’t want to be a total sap here (I could if I wanted to be, trust me), but he is pretty much the best thing that has ever happened to me, and the best person I know.

And right now, I’m patting myself on the back for choosing a mate with a name that starts with a “Z”, because this is a great ending to this post, no?

Most of the above photos were taken by Zach’s sister, Courtney, who is a very talented photographer. The link will take you to her blog, which she started when her Doberman, Lexie, started to go blind. I really admire her for all the energy (and money!) she has put into saving Lexie, and I urge you to read her blog.



One Response to “My favorites, from A to Z”

  1. Courtney Bell July 19, 2012 at 3:25 pm #

    Awww…thanks for the shout out! Also, I really enjoyed this post, and not just because I and my brother were both featured heavily. I swear!

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