Top 10: How to get Through a Long Run.

28 Jul

I took no photos on my long run today, so I’m going to attempt to do this purely from stock photos and/or old photos I’ve taken. Here we go.

10. My pre-run meal:
Which is always, always, always: A cup of coffee and a piece of whole wheat bread with nut butter and half a sliced banana on top.

9. Music:
But, specifically Songza. Have you heard of it? It’s kind of like Pandora, but instead of internet radio stations, it has playlists for any type of activity, mood, etc. They have a ‘concierge’ option which is pretty neat. I’m obsessed with the various workout playlists.

Since I workout a lot, I get this question a lot, “I need some new workout music — any suggestions?” I always falter, because I’m TERRIBLE at making playlists, so this is a way for someone else to do it for me.

8. My long-run route:
Huntington has a great layout for long runs. I live one block from the park, so usually I’ll run away from the park, through downtown, then to the West End of town to the far end of the park, where I re-enter and run the last 2ish miles home. It works out well, because it’s about a 6 mile loop, but I can add miles in various ways — add a few blocks here or there, take a loop around the park, etc.

The far end of the park, early morning.

7. My planned pit-stops:
I have two: When I get to the grocery store, I stop to use their bathroom. I always stop, even if I don’t feel like I have to go. It sucks to be a mile away from the bathroom and have to go. The grocery store is a great bathroom pit stop because usually they don’t glare at you for using the bathroom and not buying anything. Plus, I spend $300 a month there, so I basically pay rent anyway.

My second pit stop is when I re-enter the far end of the park, there is a really great water fountain. It’s got a big strong stream of cold (ish) water which I can drink and pour on my head. It’s really a great refresher for my last few miles.

6. Planning future blogs:
This is a recent one, obviously, as this is a new blog, but this morning I killed a considerable amount of time thinking about blog ideas as I ran. However, you have to remember to jot them down as soon as you get home.

5. Dogs/People watching:
This is fun. I like to remember the best breeds of dogs as I run to tell Zach what I saw when I got home. Plus I like to look at people’s shoes and fitness outfits. There is this couple who walks in the park all the time, wearing the brightest neon outfits. I saw them today, and tried to take a sneaky photo. I’m terrible at it, but luckily they are hard to miss:

They are pretty adorable.

4. Walk breaks
Let’s face it: Sometimes it’s necessary

3. Meal planning
It’s fun to think about what you’re going to eat when you’re done. Because I love food.

2. The last mile
I can always push it that last mile because I know I’m super close to being done.

1. Pigeon Pose

The BEST post-run stretch. Photo courtesy of Yoga Journal

Question of the day:
What gets you through a long run or a workout? 



3 Responses to “Top 10: How to get Through a Long Run.”

  1. John July 28, 2012 at 4:37 pm #

    Number 6, I do a lot of my blog planning on long runs. And number 5 too!

  2. lifelivednaturally July 29, 2012 at 9:46 pm #

    I’m trying to get back into running. Thanks for the helpful hints.


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