Top 10: How to Make Sure you have a Terrible Run.

6 Aug

If you are a runner, you know that not every run is a good one. I think the bad runs make the good ones just that much sweeter, so here, I give you the top ten ways to ensure a bad run*:

  1. First, drink way too much the night before — Even though you know you have a long run on your schedule, and portion out your drinks for the evening, go ahead and have an extra beer. Or two. Or three….
  2. Wake up to a hot, hazy and humid day — or any bad running weather really, and then…
  3. Put off running until the weather is at it’s worst 
  4. But, no, really. Put it off — You definitely should make refrigerator pickles, run errands, put away the laundry, read blogs and read one more chapter in your book before you run.
  5. Make sure you eat a really terrible breakfast — like Tudors biscuits. Really delicious, but not very good running fuel.
  6. Have technical difficulties — Your running app can’t pick up the GPS, your music app keeps stopping.
  7. Every time something malfunctions, stop running
  8. When you stop running, sit down and pout.
  9. Stop at your favorite water fountain once, then run a half a mile, then double back and stop again. 
  10. Stop and pout some more.

*Of course, I’m kidding. You shouldn’t TRY to have a bad run. But it’s fun to make light of it, because they happen. A lot! 

Obviously, today’s “long” run didn’t go as planned.  Last night, I went over to Zach’s sister’s house for some puppy play time and girl talk. I took a very specific amount of alcoholic beverages, but of course after I drank those, my inhibitions disappeared and I had a few more. Bad idea, because I woke up way later than usual, with a headache and craving a greasy breakfast. When Zach suggested Tudor’s I was way on board. If you’re ever in West Virginia, just indulge a little and trust me. Yum!

This is Courtney’s adorable new Doberman puppy, Margot. Notice I only have photos of her sleeping. She is too quick for pictures when she is awake.

After I ate, I obviously couldn’t run right away, so I decided to run some errands, make some refrigerator pickles with the giant bag of cucumbers my boss gave me last week, sew a button on my favorite black work pants, put away our clean laundry, drink an iced coffee — Even though I could have just waited an hour for my food was settled, it was 1 pm before I finally made it out the door. Of course, it was hot, the sun was blazing and it was very humid. Not great conditions for a run. Plus, I had tummy problems from eating such a heavy, fat-laden breakfast. Lesson learned. But, like I said above, the bad runs make the good ones sweeter, so I’m glad I went out. I ended up “running” (I walked a LOT the second half) 5 miles, so it wasn’t a total bust.

The pickles sure did turn out great, though.

I stopped by Family Dollar at the end of my run to pick up a few things we needed for dinner, and I’ve added a new caveat to the old adage “Don’t shop while you’re hungry” — it’s “Don’t shop after a long run” — I bought the most random things. I couldn’t stop looking at all the liquids (I wanted orange juice so badly) because I was so thirsty, and I ended up buying:

I went for spaghetti only.

I have no idea why I bought that BBQ sauce. Plus, I could have sworn that Family Dollar carried whole wheat pasta, but apparently not. I’m not a white pasta fan, but oh well. Zach wants Carbonara for dinner, and I’m determined to make it for him. The brownie mix, however, will be put to good use — I plan on trying out a new twist on black bean brownies. Depending on how they turn out, I’ll share it here.

After my run, I went about my typical Sunday routine: Lunch, giving Zach a haircut, napping, watching a movie, and cleaning. I actually got a lot accomplished yesterday, which seems to be the case when I am procrastinating doing something.

Question of the Day:
Do you ever get a lot done when you are procrastinating something else? 


3 Responses to “Top 10: How to Make Sure you have a Terrible Run.”

  1. BackatSquare0 (@BackAtSquare0) August 6, 2012 at 10:02 pm #

    They do happen to us all. I like how you put an amusing spin on it:)

  2. Julie Anne Wells August 7, 2012 at 1:04 pm #

    Bad runs do, in fact, suck. However, roughing through a bad run gives me an even bigger sense of accomplishment than breezing through a great one.

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