Weekly Training Recap

18 Aug

Since Saturday is the end of my training week, I’d like start doing a weekly check in on how my training is going. Here’s what I did this week:

Sunday: 5.5 mile run
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 3.0 treadmill run
Wednesday: AM — 60 minutes strength, PM — 3.0 outdoor run
Thursday: 3.0 mile tempo run (treadmill)
Friday: Rest

Which brings us to today’s beast workout! Every other Saturday at the Y, there is a Bootcamp class which I love, so I was excited to make it there, however, I still had one more 3 mile run on my training schedule so I decided to do it before class. It was supposed to be 3 miles at half marathon pace, but I was on the treadmill and didn’t want to be bored so I did Sarah’s favorite Cardio Interval Workout  , which is 10 seconds sprint, 20 seconds hard (half marathon pace) and 30 seconds easy jog, repeated five times, with a two minute walk in between. Then you repeat it 3-5 times. After 2.5 times, I was feeling icky in my stomach so I called it quits and headed up to class. Amazingly, after a really great Bootcamp class (tons of push ups, burpees, resistance band runs, etc.), I felt like getting back on the treadmill so I finished up my run:


I was feeling great after this workout! Now I’m ready for my day!

Ideally, next week I’d like to get in at least one more strength session and one yoga session. Goals, people!


Today, Zach and I are headed to the finals tournament for our Trivia League. It’s at 2 p.m. and held at a restaurant (an awkward time for a meal), so when I got home from the gym I knew I’d better get something in me that was high in protein, which would hold me over until then. Perfect time to try out my Vega One sample!

Do you like my mustache glass?

Ok, first the stats. What I like about the Vega One:

  • It’s not a protein powder, although it does have as much protein as my usual powder (Perfect Fit), it also has: Probiotics (my new obsession), Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, greens and antioxidants
  • It’s vegan and plant-based (I’m not vegan, but I consider vegan products to be superior in health.) We all know that plant-based is best, right? I’m definitely not knocking diets with animal products, but we all know that animal products should be used in moderation.
  • Obviously, it’s dairy, gluten and soy free. Again, I’m not against any of those things, but a lot of people have sensitivities to them.

So, Vega is pretty healthy! I blended my packet with a frozen banana and a little almond milk. I was low on almond milk, so I had to add in some water to thin it down too.

This tastes like a chocolate milkshake. Seriously, it’s SO good! I think I’ll definitely be purchasing this in place of my usual protein powder next time around.

Question of the Day:
Do you drink a recovery drink after a workout? 


2 Responses to “Weekly Training Recap”

  1. Sue August 19, 2012 at 1:48 am #

    I take a scoop of soy protein after my workouts (strength training or running). Unfortunately Vega (and a lot of other brands) are not sold in my part of the world – would love to try them since I’m vegan.

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