I know how to do this!

5 Sep

In everyone’s life, there are ups and downs regarding everything. Right now, I’m on a very big upswing in most of my life, but one aspect is struggling: Health and Fitness.

Why is it that sometimes when we get happy and comfortable, we just want to hunker down and eat everything in sight? I know some people do this when they are sad, some when they are happy, I can go either way. When I’m sad, I tend to eat more and exercise more. When I’m happy, I tend to eat more and exercise less — which is very bad! (Please notice how eating never suffers — oh yes, I know how to eat.)

But, you know, I’ve been on this health train for quite some time, and I know how to do it. I know I need to get to bed early, set my alarm, go do something active, eat my fruits and vegetables, drink my water, try not to drink alcohol every single night. I know! But that doesn’t stop me from slipping up.

This morning was rough! I woke up way early, I had slept very well the night before, and I had absolutely no excuse to skip the gym. But I wanted to skip it. Oh so much. My mind was fighting with itself:

“But the house is such a mess. You could get so much cleaning done if you skip the gym!”

“You know you are going to regret it if you don’t go!”

“I could just go for a run after work, and maybe do some strength training after.”

“You know you won’t do that! If you do your strength this morning, you’ll be ahead of the game.”

This went on for quite some time, so much so that I knew if I didn’t leave almost right away, I’d be late for the sculpting class, so I tweeted this:


…lo and behold, social networking was the motivation I needed, in this reply:

…SO TRUE! CW is a college friend, and I see him at the gym in the mornings pretty regularly, so this was the motivation I needed. I threw on my clothes and headed out. I was only a few minutes late, I didn’t even miss the whole warm up. In some unsurprising news, I did not at all regret going. It was a really tough workout, and just what I needed.

After that I was pumped to have a healthy and productive day! Breakfast was delicious and filling:

A bowl of fruit: 1/2 a banana, 4 strawberries, five grapes and 1/2 an apple. Then I spooned about half of that greek yogurt on top. A Thomas’ Everything Bagel Thin w/ neufchatel cheese, and of course a big glass of water. Yum! I only finished half the fruit, I’ll save it for a mid-morning snack.

When I weighed myself this morning, I was down a pound from yesterday which makes me think most of my vacation weight gain was just water retention from eating crappy food all week. Hopefully now that I’m getting back to drinking tons of water during the day (vacation was more like tons of mimosas during the day), things will go back to normal.

Today’s training run is supposed to be speed work in the form of 400 repeats. My plan is to do that on the treadmill after work, but we’ll see how that goes. Although I am trying to up the fitness and health, I’m also not trying to push myself too much.

Question of the day:
Do you ever have an inner fight with yourself on whether you will exercise or not? 


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