Healthy Steps Portion Control Utensils Upgrade

8 Sep

I subscribe to Bulu Box, which is a monthly box service for health and fitness supplements. Well, I also follow them on Twitter and last week they had a contest to win a Utensils Upgrade, with the prize of a set of Healthy Steps portion control utensils, and I won!


The box arrived today and it was like Christmas! Kelsey at Bulu Box wrote me a very nice personalized card and I got six awesome utensils. Of course, the kitties were thrilled with the box full of tissue paper. Who needs toys when you have garbage? The first thing I busted open was the Portion Control Dressing Cruet:

This thing rules. Not only does it have  a portion control lid, but it also has marked measurements on the side with ingredients so you can make your own dressings. The emulsifier in the bottle is also really great. I like making my own dressings, so this will come in handy.

The next exciting utensil was the perfect portion Pasta Basket:

I’m really excited to use this one, too. The handle has a hole that measures out a serving of long pasta and you can measure out small pasta directly in the basket. You can even cook the pasta directly in the basket! I’ll be buying one more of these so I can perfectly cook two servings of pasta every time for myself and Zach.

The third utensil I broke out was the Herb Multi-Tool. This is more of a healthy living tool than a portion tool, but it’s also super cool. It has a lock on the blade you can store it closed. The blade has circular cut outs for stripping herbs from their stems, and if you open the circular part at the top, there is also a rotary blade. Pretty cool.



I also got these other three tools:


On the top left, that is the Chicken Rotisserie tool, which claims to skin and debone a chicken or turkey perfectly. On the bottom left is a cereal portion scoop and on the left is the Tea Infuser.

You can purchase all of these products in the Healthy Living category of my Amazon Store. I’m in love with these products. There are tons of other tools that Healthy Steps offer. I love the starch server, the protein server and the ladle. They would be perfect for families wanting to watch their portions. The other tools they offer that I’d love to try are the cookie pro (makes uniform cookies for portion control), the nut bowl (perfect for portioning nuts for work snacks), and the cheese grater bowl.

Thanks so much to Bulu Box and Healthy Steps for the opportunity to try out these great products!

Question of the Day:
How do you watch your portions? 





One Response to “Healthy Steps Portion Control Utensils Upgrade”

  1. Miles for a Smile September 8, 2012 at 8:19 pm #

    Awesome kitchen tools! Portion control can be so tough 🙂

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