I’ve got the Cell Phone Blues.

21 Sep

Warning: What you are about to read isn’t related to health or fitness, much. And there is a distinct lack of photos (you’ll see why as you read on). Sorry! 

I’ve been having some trouble with my phone for a while. Back when Zach and I went to Louisville for Lebowski Fest, I spilled some liquid on it while it was charging next to the bed in the hotel (I tend to flail around in my sleep in unfamiliar surroundings), and the charging port never really worked the same way. I could only find one charger that would actually charge my phone and that one pooped out yesterday. I feared the problem was the phone and not the charger (obviously), but I went out and bought a new charger anyway. Of course, it didn’t work.

This is when I began to freak out. I’m pretty easy on my phone in general. I’ve had a cell phone for about 6 years now, and I’ve only had three phones. A few months back, after I’d had my phone (it’s an HTC Evo 4G, in case you’re curious) for two years and was eligible for an upgrade, my mom called and asked if I would be willing to transfer my upgrade to my cousin, who is also on our family plan. I agreed, because at the time my phone was in perfectly fine shape. But now, my cousin’s upgrade (which is now mine) isn’t until January, and phones are expensive. Even if I took a giant step backward in regards to phone quality, it looked like I was in for over $100 in fees for a new phone.

Of course, I was in tears, so Zach offered to drive me to the Sprint store to see what they could do for me. Since I don’t have insurance, I was sure I was screwed. I had a protection plan on my phone for the first two years, but after my upgrade became available, I stopped paying for it because I’d be able to upgrade my phone, not even thinking about renewing it when I gave my upgrade away.

So, I got to the store, and gave them the spiel. The first question he asked is if I had insurance. I asked him to look just in case I did, but as I suspected, I didn’t. After that he told me I had two options:

  1. I could buy a battery charger, which I would have to take my full battery out and charge it independently. This didn’t sound like a bad option to me, they had them there at the store and they were only $25. Sure, it would be annoying, but it would be a cheap option for a few months.
  2. He could replace my phone for $35!!! Uh, what? I even had him clarify. He said, “Yeah, you just give us this phone and we’ll order you a new one.” To which I replied, “For $35!?” and he said, “Well, $37.10 after tax.”

Naturally I took option #2! I would highly suggest getting Sprint service to anyone. I’ve never had a problem with them, and it seems like when I run into trouble with my phone, they always have an affordable solution. Not to mention, their ‘Everything’ plan really is the cheapest one out there.

However, they did have to order the phone so I am sans phone until Monday. Which is ok, I can live without a phone. I won’t be posting here much, however, because my phone is how I take photos and a big long block of text with no pictures is boring!

Look at this!

Have you seen the Gangnam Style video on YouTube yet? The video is hilarious, and the song is incredibly catchy. Zach and I had quite the dance party this morning listening to it on repeat while we got ready for work. Happy Friday!

Question of the Day:
What kind of cell phone do you have? What service do you use? Are you happy with your phone/service? 


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