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Wedding: Planning Update

18 Oct

I don’t mean to be a braggart, but I totally rule at wedding planning. So far.

If you’ve planned a wedding, you probably know that the wedding planning websites can be pretty stressful. The endless to-do lists, the pages and pages of things you “have” to buy, etc. It’s just a bit overwhelming. I’m sure as time goes on, I’ll get more stressed out, but as of now, I’m feeling pretty on top of everything. In fact, according to this email I got from The Wedding Channel, I’m ahead of schedule:


Also, ONLY 11 months? Come on, give us brides a break! We aren’t having an engagement party, so I’m not worried about that (do Brides really throw an engagement party TOO? Let’s face it, that’s like throwing another reception). I’ve already told you about our venue, so let’s talk about the bridal party.

Maid of Honor: Michelle (my sister)

Here is my favorite (only) sister with my nephew Nick.

What can I say? I was her Maid of Honor, and now she will be mine. She’s my sissy!

Bridesmaid: Courtney

I absolutely love this photo of Zach and Courtney, I printed it out and it’s on my refrigerator.

Courtney is Zach’s sister, but she was my dear friend before Zach and I started dating. Of course, we’ve grown a lot closer since I’ve started dating, and subsequently got engaged to her brother, but I’ve always held her in the highest regard. Courtney has a lot of the same personality traits as Zach, so she’s pretty easy to get along with, but she also is a lot like me, so that makes it even better. She’s a wedding photographer, so she’s been a huge help with wedding planning so far. With the help of our other friend who is a photographer (and also named Courtney, to make matters worse they both have dobermans. It’s very confusing), she will be pulling double duty as a bridesmaid and a photographer. I have a little guilt about asking her to basically work at her brother’s wedding, but I think she wants to (I hope), so I’m trying not to let it get to me. Hopefully the only real work she’ll do is setting up the formal photos and taking some reception photos.

Bridesmaids: Allison and Susie


I had trouble finding a photo of just me and Susie (on the far left), so I’m putting these two ladies together. It’s appropriate, because I met them at the same time. Allison and Susie have been best friends for a long time, and one day when I was out dancing, these two ladies walked up to me (we had seen each other out before), and Allison said, “Why don’t we hang out?” — the rest is history. Over the years, these two have become very close friends of mine. Allison and I lived together for two years while she studied for the Bar Exam and searched for a job. We would workout in our living room together every day and go out pretty much every night. Susie is one of my favorite friends to hang out with, because she’s always the most fun ever. Susie is a Registered Nurse and luckily she never calls me crazy when I text her and tell her I think that I have meningitis.

These ladies are very special to me at this point in my life. I probably could have chosen more bridesmaids (I have some old friends who I would love to put in my wedding), but these girls have been there the whole time Zach and I have been a couple.

P.S. I think I may have found my dress!

Question of the Day:
How many bridesmaids did you have in your wedding?