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Wedding: Save the Date Invites and My Hair Story

22 Oct

After this morning’s whiny post, I felt I owed this blog another post, so I thought I’d tell you about our Save the Date idea. Although we haven’t had the pictures done yet (our “Engagement Session” is this Saturday, but it’s not really a formal thing since our photographer is Zach’s sister and we’re paying her in love and devotion — love ya Court!!), we have had a pretty awesome idea in mind for a while now and I’m ready to share it.

Zach and I formed our relationship over our mutual love of Horror Movies. Since that first October, we’ve honored our tradition of watching horror movies during the month of October. This October has been a little hectic, but we’ve still managed to squeeze a few in.

For that reason, we’re doing a movie-themed Save the Date invite.

Photo Credit: AMBphoto

I think it’s going to work out really well, and I can’t wait to share the finished product with you. The photos I’ve interspersed in this post are inspiration photos I’ve saved for our own photo shoot. I bought an adorable outfit (shoes and all for $30! I’m a thrifty shopper) to wear and hopefully the pretty fall leaves will stick around until Saturday…or Sunday, I suppose! In addition to the movie theater shots, we’ll be doing some photos at my favorite park to use for any other reason we’ll need photos for the wedding — the website, centerpieces, etc.


My Wedding Hair

I have always loved having short, short hair. I usually resort to the pixie cut, because it’s easy and it looks good on me:

I THINK this photo is from 2 winters ago.

However, I started growing out my hair last winter because I was sick of the constant trims I needed to keep up the pixie.


Me, December 2012 — Me, now

You can see how much it has grown in less than a year. I plan to keep up the growing, but since I haven’t had a haircut since December, I will probably go get a trim and shape soon. I like the idea of having long curls on my wedding day, so for now, the long hair is staying. I had planned to go back to the pixie after our beach vacation, but Zach went and proposed so now I’m stuck with it ;), but I’ll say for sure that right after I’m married I’ll entertain the idea of a pixie again.


The Importance of Proper Fueling

22 Oct

Edit: The title of this post makes it seem more informative than it is. This is more about my struggles with eating healthfully on the weekends, especially when I let myself get overly hungry.

On Friday night, I made Zach (and myself) a delicious steak dinner:


With roasted broccoli ala Pinterest (broccoli drizzled with olive oil, roasted in a very hot oven and sprinkled with lemon juice and Parmesan cheese), and roasted red skinned potatoes. It was a yummy meal. I decided at that point that I would share my weekend eats with you today.

On Saturday morning, I had plans to go to Zumba and Weighted Workout classes with my friend Ashley, so I fueled up with a (whole) pumpkin spice bagel and some neufchatel cheese. After this meal, however, things got a little wonky with my eating and I fell off the documentation wagon. We went to our two (hour long) classes and I made the mistake of not bringing anything with calories with me. Ideally, when I’m working out for 2 hours, I should have some sort of snack halfway through, preferably a sports drink or an energy gel, but I didn’t, so by the time I was done with class, I was famished. By famished, I don’t mean just a little bit hungry, I mean, ouch, my stomach is really killing me hungry.

Zach and I had plans to go to Goodwill to look for Halloween costume elements (we’ve thought of a great costume, but you’ll have to wait to see photos), and he asked his sister to go along. It was about 11:30 AM at that point, and he told her we would go at noon. We had planned to grab pitas at a local restaurant, but at that point my hunger was completely out of control. I even kind of snapped at Zach, whining, “Why do we have to wait until nooooooonnn??” before eating another half of a bagel. At that point, Zach had relented to my whining (I get cranky when I’m hungry) and we ended up leaving early, so even though I had grabbed something to eat, I was still starving by the time we got to the pita shop. So I had a huge lunch on top of the half-bagel. Needless to say, my eating was pretty out of control for the rest of the day.

I don’t know about you, but when I let myself get overly hungry, my appetite is ruined for at least a whole day, sometimes two. Zach and I went to his friend Brian (and one of our groomsmen)’s house to watch football, and they had made lots of yummy football food. Of course, after the huge “lunch” I had eaten, I wasn’t hungry until we were almost ready to go and by then I was absolutely starving, so I had a bowl of cereal. Then we got there and I was still starving, so I loaded up on not-so-healthy football food (but oh man was it great). Of course there was lots of beer that night and late-night snacking, so all in all I’d say I failed on the healthy eating front. Boo.

Sunday was another big failure on the food AND fitness front. I didn’t get my long run in, and I ended up going to a bar for wings and beer and football. Ugh. Who am I?

I did make a delicious apple cheddar soup on Sunday evening to go along with a homemade pizza:

I promise it tasted better than it looks!

This soup was great. It’s got chopped up potatoes and apples, sharp cheddar cheese and apple cider — Here’s the recipe. Yum. I actually didn’t use apple cider, because it’s ridiculously expensive and I never drink it, so I couldn’t justify spending $8 on a gallon. Instead, I used put a cut up apple and one cup of apple juice in  my food processor and whirled it around until it had a cider consistency. This was a yummy soup. It’s got a nice, thick consistency and it’s nice and savory with a kick of apple. I love the thyme in the soup, it gives it that special something.

I’m pretty disappointed in my eating this weekend. I know I’ve gained a few pounds since summer, and if I don’t want to gain even more, I’m going to have to stop indulging on the weekends.

Question of the day:
Do you get cranky when you get overly hungry? Does it derail your eating schedule?