Wedding: Save the Date Invites and My Hair Story

22 Oct

After this morning’s whiny post, I felt I owed this blog another post, so I thought I’d tell you about our Save the Date idea. Although we haven’t had the pictures done yet (our “Engagement Session” is this Saturday, but it’s not really a formal thing since our photographer is Zach’s sister and we’re paying her in love and devotion — love ya Court!!), we have had a pretty awesome idea in mind for a while now and I’m ready to share it.

Zach and I formed our relationship over our mutual love of Horror Movies. Since that first October, we’ve honored our tradition of watching horror movies during the month of October. This October has been a little hectic, but we’ve still managed to squeeze a few in.

For that reason, we’re doing a movie-themed Save the Date invite.

Photo Credit: AMBphoto

I think it’s going to work out really well, and I can’t wait to share the finished product with you. The photos I’ve interspersed in this post are inspiration photos I’ve saved for our own photo shoot. I bought an adorable outfit (shoes and all for $30! I’m a thrifty shopper) to wear and hopefully the pretty fall leaves will stick around until Saturday…or Sunday, I suppose! In addition to the movie theater shots, we’ll be doing some photos at my favorite park to use for any other reason we’ll need photos for the wedding — the website, centerpieces, etc.


My Wedding Hair

I have always loved having short, short hair. I usually resort to the pixie cut, because it’s easy and it looks good on me:

I THINK this photo is from 2 winters ago.

However, I started growing out my hair last winter because I was sick of the constant trims I needed to keep up the pixie.


Me, December 2012 — Me, now

You can see how much it has grown in less than a year. I plan to keep up the growing, but since I haven’t had a haircut since December, I will probably go get a trim and shape soon. I like the idea of having long curls on my wedding day, so for now, the long hair is staying. I had planned to go back to the pixie after our beach vacation, but Zach went and proposed so now I’m stuck with it ;), but I’ll say for sure that right after I’m married I’ll entertain the idea of a pixie again.



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