What’s Interesting in the Blog World.

25 Oct

I forgot my phone (and photos to accompany my planned post) at home this morning, so I wanted to post a quick update to let you know that a regular post will be up this afternoon.

But, more so, I’d like to call your attention to three blog posts that have really piqued my interest.

The Case of the Sexy Halloween Costume by Caitlin of The Healthy Tipping Point

I always love Caitlin’s posts. It’s obvious that she thinks them through, and researches them thoroughly. This post, however, I was really interested in. The comments in this post were WOW amazing. I’m sure Caitlin got really sick of approving the millions of replies I made!

My take on this topic: I’m not against dressing ‘sexy’ on Halloween, as long as it is appropriate (translation: Please don’t let your six-year-old wear a sexy nurse costume). If you want to go to the costume store and buy a sexy Tootsie Roll costume, hey, more power to you. I’m not necessarily going to think it’s a great costume, but it’s not because it’s ‘sexy’ — it’s because it is completely unoriginal. Well, ok, dressing as a sexy piece of candy might be a little unique, but buying a pre-made costume is never really that interesting. I totally agree with Caitlin when she says “….but I want to start off this post by stating that I don’t think the only way to be sexy is to be half-naked.  Because it’s not.” — so true. In fact, I’ve heard the argument many times before that sometimes you can be sexier by showing off less skin. However, I’m not sure I agree with her out-and-out ban on sexy costumes. She says, ” I still do think that sexy costumes are kind of – honestly – lame (and I can say that because I used to wear them).  They aren’t goodcostumes; they won’t win any contests.  They aren’t memorable for any other reason beyond the fact that they show a lot of flesh.” See, that’s where we differ. I’ve seen many a unique, original costume that was composed of ‘barely there’ elements. The key is that you can’t just go to the Halloween store and pick up a costume off the shelf. Be creative! Be original! I won’t care how naked you are if you look awesome.

Now, let’s get to the comments. There were a TON of great comments on this post. In fact, I keep going back to read more. However, I found a troubling theme in a few of the comments, and that is that some people think it’s the responsibility of a woman to not dress sexy in order to deter negative attention. I’ve never, ever been a fan of this line of thinking. While it is important to be aware of your surroundings, it is never ok to make someone else uncomfortable — no matter what they look like. This line of thinking makes people think it’s ok to pay negative attention to people based on how they are dressed.

Why Running on the Morning of my Wedding was an Awesome Idea: By Anne at fANNEtastic Food

Anne got married recently, in the most incredible dress! She and some of her girlfriends went on a 3 mile run the morning of her wedding. Here, she talks about how much she enjoyed it and it calmed and prepared her for her big day.

My take on this: I can’t wait to go for a run on the morning of my wedding! How exciting!

Diet Cliches: by Meghann at Meals and Miles

Meghann talks about how someone was trying to convince her to cut all sugar out of her diet, and why that isn’t a good plan for her, and some diet cliches (such as “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.” — blech).

My take on this: I will say here what I said in the comments. I once read an interview with Victoria Beckham, and the reporter asked her if she would ever eat a cupcake. She said, “No, never.” I immediately thought, “How sad!” It does give some insight into those unattainable celebrity bodies, though, doesn’t it? In my opinion, I’d rather eat a cupcake once in a while than be a size two. Why? Because it makes me happy. Someone else  in the comments said, “Being thin doesn’t automatically mean healthy” — and I totally agree, and want to add, “Being overweight doesn’t automatically mean UNhealthy” — I think that one is a little harder for people to hold on to, but it’s also true.

Question of the Day:
What do you think about these topics? 


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