Trapped in the Closet

4 Nov

I’m typically a pretty organized person. I’m prone to clutter, but I keep things pretty clean and organized, in general. However, my closet and bedroom have been an out of control disaster zone for longer than I care to mention.

My goal this weekend: Clean and organize my bedroom.

It had gotten to the point where my closet was bursting at the seams:

Ugh. So embarrassing.

I mean, things are just SHOVED in there! What was I thinking? I’ll admit: The rest of my room was worse. I had piles of clean, folded clothes just everywhere. So, my main goal this weekend was to take everything out of my closet and drawers, get rid of anything I hadn’t worn in a while, and organize everything.

First, I dumped the contents of my closet and dresser on to my bed:

Pretty overwhelming! Then, I got to work. I put everything into piles, based on type of clothing, and I made one big pile of things to get rid of. Here is what my room looked like once everything was in piles:


While I was going through the massive piles, I told myself that I would throw any doubtful piece into the “give-away” pile, no matter what. Because I also have trouble parting with things, I also told myself that just because it was in that pile didn’t mean I had to give it away, but I had to consider it. It turned out that I didn’t keep anything from that pile anyway, so yay!

Next, I started going through each pile of “keeps.” I kept my iron and ironing board nearby to iron anything that needed it and started putting things away. I also re-considered each keep for the “give-away” pile. Here’s the finished product:


Note: Because I typically get up very early to go to the gym, all of my workout clothes are in the hallway linen closet so I don’t have to wake Zach when I get dressed for the gym. Without going into too much detail, which may bore people who aren’t as nerdy about organizing things as I, I tried to learn my lessons as to why my previous method didn’t work. I’m really going to try to work at keeping this system, and I will adjust as I go.

To Goodwill you go! 

The other thing that I did (which is a first for me) is to put all of my summer clothes into a rubber tote. This is something I should have been doing, and will do from now on.

Question of the Day:
How organized is your closet? 






4 Responses to “Trapped in the Closet”

  1. flyingmybroom November 4, 2012 at 8:28 pm #

    I usually send things off to Goodwill en masse as well, Kristy. I was thinking this year about trying to figure out if there was another organization that could immediately put some cold-weather items to good use. Know of anything?


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