My Top 5 Ways to Stay Healthy at the Office

9 Nov

We’ve all heard it: Sitting is very bad for you.

In fact, even if you’re very active, if you’re sitting 8 hours a day for work, you’re at a heightened risk for Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease, and it turns out sitting is just unnatural, and it’s bad for the alignment of your body.

Not to mention, working in an office can put you at risk for all kinds of germs that can make you sick.

So, how does one stay healthy when you work an office job? Let’s face it, it’s just not feasible for everyone to get a treadmill desk, or even a standing desk. I know if I suggested it at my non-profit job, they would look at me like I was crazy.

So, how does one stay healthy while sitting on their booty all day? Here are my top 5:

1. Stand up! 

I make it a point to try to stand up and walk around at least 2 times each hour. For a while, I would set a timer on my computer for every 30 minutes, and no matter what I was working on, I had to get up and walk around when it went off. Now, it’s just habit.

2. Take a walk!

I try to walk at lunch time, but this is dependent on the weather. When the weather is very nice, there are days when I will walk to work, walk home for lunch, walk back to work, then walk home at the end of the day. I live just less than a mile from work, so that’s adding almost 4 miles of walking to my day (it takes me about 12-15 minutes, so that’s 48-60 minutes of extra-cise a day!)

The only problem with walking is it does a number on your hair! Keep a hairbrush in your desk!

3.  Sit up Straight! 

As I’ve learned recently, hunching over a keyboard all day does a number on your back. I try to make it a point to sit up straight at all times. Recently, a coworker gave me one of these:

I really like this because not only does it support my back, but it also reminds me to sit up straight. When I’m typing, I try to keep my back in contact with it at all times so that I don’t hunch over.

4. Don’t spread germs! 

Always keep hand sanitizer and a box of tissues on your desk. It helps contain germs so you’re not spreading sickness to your coworkers. I’m not a germophobe, but sneezing all over your keyboard then handing someone a stack of papers is a recipe for disaster:

5. Stay away from the vending machine! 

always, without fail get starving at 3:00 pm. Well, unless I’ve had a ginormous lunch, but that’s not typically how I like to do things. In order to avoid running to the vending machine for a Kit Kat (my favorite), I usually will pack a healthy snack, something with complex carbs and protein, that will hold me over for the final two hours of work and beyond (because who eats dinner at 5:00? I know I don’t. Ok, maybe sometimes I do.)

Yesterday’s afternoon snack of cottage cheese, blackberries and a splenda Nutresse packet — their new all natural sweetener made from monk fruit.

Question of the Day:
What are your tips for staying healthy at the office? 


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