My Blog-idols

22 Nov

I decided to start a healthy living blog for two main reasons.

First, I really needed a forum to get out all my health and fitness related rants. I think my friends were probably fed up with me just spouting off my random fitness stats in social situations. Not to mention poor Zach, who typically gets a play-by-play of all my workouts whether he wants one or not.

But most of all, the reason I wanted to start this up is because I’m inspired by so many other bloggers out there who do it so well. I follow about 60 various blogs on my Google Reader — and I read every single post! — but there are a few who stick out as my absolute favorites:

  1. Peas and Thank You — Written by Sarah Matheny, Peas and Thank You started out as my favorite place for vegetarian recipes (it still is my go-to for all things food), but I stuck around because it’s well written, it makes me laugh almost every single time, and Sarah’s two girls — Gigi and Lulu — are adorable. Sarah has also taught me a lot about what is healthy and what isn’t.
  2. Tina @ Carrots and Cake: I actually found Tina’s blog through the above blog. I like Tina’s blog because I love to drool over food pictures, and I love photos of adorable Pugs! Perfect! Tina is very into Crossfit at the moment, and while I am not interested in actually joining a Crossfit box, I do like to do Crossfit inspired workouts from time to time, and she provides me with plenty of inspiration. 
  3. Sarah Dussault @ Sarah Fit: Sarah is the author of probably the first healthy-living blog I followed, back on Tumblr. Sarah is a personal trainer and is full of really great info. She’s in terrific shape, and sometimes shares her workouts with us, which is nice. I think my favorite part of Sarah’s blog is that she is always 100% honest. She’s a You Tuber, so she gets a lot of really awful comments sometimes and she’s quick to call people out and give them a piece of her mind.
  4.  Caitlin Boyle @ Healthy Tipping PointHands down, Caitlin’s blog is my favorite currently. Every post is incredibly informative, and she blogs about a lot of different things. Surprisingly, as I’m not a mom, I find her mommy posts to be the most fascinating! It’s really interesting because she’s incredibly honest and straightforward about being a new mom, and there’s a lot of things that people don’t tell you! I also like that she will often put up a post about a topic that causes a frenzy of comments. I often will go back to posts again and again to read the comments!

Question of the Day:
What’s your favorite blog? 


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