Wedding Wednesday #1: 10 months to go

5 Dec

I realized right before I posted this that this is my 100th blog post! Hooray for me! 

In order to keep myself on task for wedding planning, I’ve decided to start a once-monthly wedding post detailing the things that need to be done. I’ll call it Wedding Wednesday, and I will post it on a Wednesday close to the 28th of the month.

Wedding Wednesday

I’m going to start this first post with a list of things we need to take care of. As we take care of things, I will cross it off on the list. As new things are crossed off, I will discuss them here. Hopefully this will keep you up to date on wedding planning, and keep me on task.


  • Venue — Reserved and (partially) paid for
  • Caterer — I spoke with a possible caterer last week. Once I get a quote, I’ll approach a couple more and decide
  • Alcohol — We are doing beer and wine only, in the interest of staying within budget. 
  • Guest List 
  • My Dress — Love it! 
  • My Veil — I’m pretty sure this will be my “something borrowed” (thanks, Sarah!), just need to check it out first. 
  • Bolero for over dress — Ordered and being custom made (Etsy) — can’t wait to see it! 
  • Hair accessories for bride/bridesmaids? — Some yellow flower accessory for all of us. 
  • Ties/socks for the groomsmen/ring bearer — Zach is dealing with this. Groomsmen are wearing gray suits of their own choosing, so all we need to deal with is matching accessories
  • Shoes for the bride — I know what I want, just need to buy them. 
  • Save the Date Invitations — addressed, sealed and ready to be mailed this weekend! 
  • Invitations — a dear friend and groomsman is designing them. I fully trust him, so I’m not worried about this at all. 
  • Welcome bags for out of town guests
  • Bridesmaid dresses — Going the mis-matched route, and the bridesmaids are free to choose what they want, need to get a color pallette for them.
  • Cake — Luckily a dear friend is making it, so we’ve had a few discussions. Will schedule a meeting in the next few months to finalize. 
  • Centerpieces — Yarn-wrapped wine bottles, 3 per table, with hand-made billy balls in each. Handmade runners and tea lights. Wine bottles are already collected! 
  • Officiant — Pretty sure we have someone
  • Photographer — My SIL to be is a wedding photographer, having a photographer friend be her second shooter. 
  • DJ – Zach is handling this 
  • The “somethings” — Veil is something borrowed, shoes are something blue. 
  • Jewelry
  • Our wedding bands — Going after Christmas to look 
  • Bridesmaid Gifts
  • Groomsmen Gifts
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Wedding RegistriesMacy’s, Target and online for cash gifts. 
  • Thank you cards — Love the idea of a photo of us on the day holding a Thank You! sign
  • Hotel Room blockthis was taken care of when we booked the venue
  • Hair person — I think we have this
  • Garter — I do not know what to do about this. Help.
  • Our toasting flutes — Here are a few I like
  • Cake cutter/spatula
  • Day-of Coordinator(s) — a few friends would be perfect for this task 🙂 *hint, hint*
  • ProgramsI have this covered, just need to order the materials and put them together
  • Cake Topper? – I’m not sure if I want one. I’ve been thinking of a naked cake (LOVE the way they look) and cupcakes, but I think I’d like fruit and flowers on the caker rather than a topper.
  • Flowers
  • Guestbook
  • Songs for the ceremony
  • Ceremony Readings — I’m going with readings from Children’s books. I have two picked out already. 
  • “First Dance” Songs
  • Bridal Shower
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Bachelor Party
  • Table Numbers — Red wine on tables with printable table number labels.
  • Favors — homemade lemon cookies in gray CD sleeves (already purchased). Need stickers to seal sleeves. 
  • Other reception/ceremony decor — need chalkboards, various sized jars and bottles, backdrop…
  • Photo booth? — If we have one, it will be DIY, with just a backdrop where people can snap their own photos. Our budget doesn’t allow for a separate photographer for this. 
  • Flower Girl attire

I fully intend for this list to grow as the months pass, but for now, this is what I’m working with. This introductory post will serve as a jumping off point for future Wedding update posts.

After a lot of wedding work in September and October, I petered off a bit in November. Hosting my first Thanksgiving Dinner meant my mind was elsewhere. But now, I’m back! I’ve been thinking a lot about wedding stuff lately, so if you’re a friend of mine I may have sent you a random, out of the blue, wedding related text recently. I apologize, but as I think of things, I act on them!


I totally stole this idea from Meghann at Meals and Miles. I’ve been closely following her Wedding posts, and she just has it all together. Her monthly posts seem to really keep her on track with the planning, so I felt that this would be a great way to stay on task, and also keep my Mama (hi, Mom!) up to date on what I’m up to, since she lives so far away!

Question of the Day:
What am I forgetting!? 


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