Resolution #3 and #4

31 Dec

This is a quick post, because I’m in the middle of getting my apartment ready for our little NYE get together tonight. I wanted to tell you about my third and fourth resolution for the New Year:

Continue strength training at least 3 days a week. Make a specific plan for muscles targeted at the beginning of each week.

Run 600 miles before January 1st,

That second one is huge for me. I originally thought it would be cool to shoot for 1,000 miles, but I really wanted something that wasn’t too ambitious. In 2014, I will shoot for 1,000!


A photo of me and Penny, as I type this on my phone!

Have a great, safe and healthy NYE! My goal for this evening is to take lots of photos to share with you tomorrow!

2 Responses to “Resolution #3 and #4”

  1. 600 miles! You go girl! 🙂


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