Wedding Wednesday #2: 9 months to go

2 Jan

Welcome to the second installment of Wedding Wednesday! 9 months is a long time, but when you’re planning a wedding, it definitely doesn’t feel that way! It feels like we just got engaged, and now we’re in single digits! Where does the time go? I’ll be honest, I haven’t done many wedding related tasks physically, but have been thinking about things, and when Zach and I went to Pittsburgh for Christmas, I spoke with my parents about budget and abstract plans.

wedding wednesday


  • Venue — Reserved and (partially) paid for
  • Caterer — The caterer I spoke with said she wouldn’t be able to work around my budget, so it’s back to the drawing board. I’ve gotten some recommendations from friends, and I’m going to start calling caterers this week. 
  • Alcohol — We are doing beer and wine only, in the interest of staying within budget. 
  • Guest List 
  • My Dress — Love it! 
  • My Veil — I’m pretty sure this will be my “something borrowed” (thanks, Sarah!), just need to check it out first. 
  • Bolero for over dressIt arrived, and it is PERFECT! I can’t wait for you to see it. Everyone who has seen it with the dress says it is just that special something that makes the dress “pop” — if you’re looking for something simple, elegant and handmade check out Wearable Artz  — Amy really did a perfect job.
  • Hair accessories for bride/bridesmaids? — Some yellow flower accessory for all of us — I spoke with someone recently about making these. 
  • Ties/socks for the groomsmen/ring bearer — Zach is dealing with this. Groomsmen are wearing gray suits of their own choosing, so all we need to deal with is matching accessories
  • Shoes for the bride — I’ve actually changed my mind about this, more about it later. 
  • Save the Date InvitationsCheck! Here is my post about the Save the Dates.
  • Invitations — a dear friend and groomsman is designing them. I fully trust him, so I’m not worried about this at all. 
  • Welcome bags for out of town guests
  • Bridesmaid dresses — Going the mis-matched route, and the bridesmaids are free to choose what they want, need to get a color pallette for them.
  • Cake — Luckily a dear friend is making it, so we’ve had a few discussions. Will schedule a meeting in the next few months to finalize. 
  • Centerpieces — Yarn-wrapped wine bottles, 3 per table, with hand-made billy balls in each. Handmade runners and tea lights. Wine bottles are already collected! 
  • OfficiantGot an email from my officiant, and he sent me a few options of ceremony layouts. Zach and I will go over these and tweak them, then set up a meeting with Adam — can’t wait for you to meet him, he’s awesome, and I know he will make our ceremony SO special. 
  • Photographer — My SIL to be is a wedding photographer, having a photographer friend be her second shooter. 
  • DJ – Zach is handling this 
  • The “somethings” — see below
  • Jewelry
  • Our wedding bands — Going after Christmas to look 
  • Bridesmaid Gifts — I have this all planned out in my head, will execute soon. 
  • Groomsmen Gifts — Zach is handling this
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Wedding RegistriesMacy’s, Target and online for cash gifts. 
  • Thank you cards — Love the idea of a photo of us on the day holding a Thank You! sign
  • Hotel Room blockthis was taken care of when we booked the venue
  • Hair person — I think we have this
  • Garter — I do not know what to do about this. Help.
  • Our toasting flutes — Here are a few I like
  • Cake cutter/spatula
  • Day-of Coordinator(s) — a few friends would be perfect for this task 🙂 *hint, hint*
  • ProgramsI have this covered, just need to order the materials and put them together
  • Cake Topper? – I’m not sure if I want one. I’ve been thinking of a naked cake (LOVE the way they look) and cupcakes, but I think I’d like fruit and flowers on the caker rather than a topper.
  • Flowers — I’m thinking about going purely with the DIY/paper flower route. More about that later, but look at this link for an idea of where I’m headed.
  • Guestbook
  • Songs for the ceremony
  • Ceremony Readings — I’m going with readings from Children’s books. I have two picked out already. 
  • “First Dance” Songs
  • Bridal Shower — I was informed last time I posted that this isn’t a “to-do” for ME, but I want to leave this here for the future when I write recaps of them to link up.
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Bachelor Party
  • Table Numbers — Red wine on tables with printable table number labels.
  • Favors — homemade lemon cookies in gray CD sleeves (already purchased). Need stickers to seal sleeves. 
  • Other reception/ceremony decor — need chalkboards, various sized jars and bottles, backdrop…
  • Photo booth — I think I’ve definitely decided to go with a DIY photo “area” instead of a traditional booth (they are SO expensive). I think people will have just as much fun taking their own photos, especially since I’m encouraging everyone to bring cameras with them. 
  • Flower Girl attire

Today, I want to talk about my “somethings” and dress shopping.

Early on, after Zach and I got engaged, I gathered together (some of) my bridesmaids and my friend Mandee to go check out wedding dresses. I had a lot of fun trying them on:


Don’t worry, none of these are THE dress!

…but ultimately I didn’t find “the dress” on that day. I thought about going to some other dress shops, but ended up finding my dress online, in a rather unique way. During one of my many internet dress searches, I came across a dress that was available “online only”, so I searched the product number in Google and came across a photo of a real bride wearing the dress on the David’s Bridal Facebook page! Since she was tagged in the photo, I sent her a message on Facebook asking her if I could see more photos of her in the dress. She sent me her entire bridal album! She was so helpful and nice, even answering all my questions. Since she was about my shape and size, and she was wearing the dress with a bolero (which I knew I also wanted to do), I went ahead and ordered the dress. I love it more every time I see it!

On to my “somethings” — I’m a sucker for a good tradition, so I knew I wanted to get all of my somethings —  Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. According to Wikipedia, if a bride carries all of these “somethings”, her marriage will be happy! Now, I know that Zach and I are the only ones who can truly make our marriage a happy one, this is a fun tradition I was excited to partake in.

Something Old: When I was home for Christmas,  my mom gave me two things I can wear for my Something Old:

PhotoGrid_1356538690981The bracelet belonged to my mother’s grandmother, who I never met, and the barrette is mine from when I was, obviously, five years old. I think I’ll probably wear both. I need to get the bracelet cleaned.

Something New: My dress, bolero and shoes will count. I’ll be wearing a lot of new things that day!
Something Borrowed: Again, my friend Sarah is loaning me her veil. It’s similar to this style:

According to the Wikipedia post, you should borrow something from someone whose marriage you admire, and Sarah and Bill happen to be one of the most adorable couples I know! This past year, they ran the Warrior Dash together to celebrate their anniversary (she even wore a wedding dress to run in! How cute!), so I’m happy with this decision.

Something Blue: I recently acquired some lovely blue earrings that will work perfectly.

So, it’s not a lot of wedding progress, but it’s a bit. I have a feeling my next post will be covering a lot. At least, I hope it will!

Question of the Day:
What am I forgetting!? 

8 Responses to “Wedding Wednesday #2: 9 months to go”

  1. susie at 3:12 pm #

    I love the naked cake idea! I know people are down on it because it’s not traditional, but it looks awesome and it’s something different.

    • Thanks! I really love it too, it looks so different and cool. I’m thinking of doing cupcakes too for the icing-lovers (a.k.a, Allison!)

  2. How fun! I could read wedding dress posts all day. I love the barette, by the way! I’m in suspense now about the dress. 🙂

  3. Jennifer at 7:42 pm #

    What a nice post!! 9 months seems like an eternity but when you’re planning a wedding it just flies by in no time!

    I totally loved planning my wedding, so so much fun 🙂

  4. savorlifesflavors at 8:07 pm #

    Very exciting! Your big day will be here before you know it!

  5. happyappalachy at 8:57 pm #

    I want to say that I had never heard of a “naked” cake before, but I after I clicked on the link, I knew what you meant. I love this idea! They are so elegant and nontraditional!

  6. Nadine B at 9:32 am # I actually saw this tutorial this morning. Although the giant paper roses are fantastic and I want to make a bunch to sit around the house. How cool would a bunch of those look sitting in an oversized vase?

    And for the garter, I would say go the easy route. Find some stretchy lace at a craft store and sew or glue an applique to it. Sort of like this style.

    I do recommend a keep and toss version of each of these.

    • Holy moly, that fabric flower is GORGEOUS! Thanks, Nadine. SO helpful. I really like the look of brooch bouquets if you’ve seen those, so that would be a nice way to incorporate a pretty brooch as well.

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