Active Rest Day, a.k.a. How I Became a Morning Person

7 Jan

Are you a morning exerciser?

I am. I like being able to get up early, go to the gym, run or do some yoga and have it out of the way for the day. That allows me to keep my evenings free to hang out with Zach.

Rise and Shine

It’s also helpful to get my exercise out of the way because I can’t work out after dinner. I’ve tried, and I’ve failed. Once I’ve eaten dinner, exercise is off the table for the day.

A lot of people ask me, “How can I become a morning exerciser?”

Well, I hate to say it, but it does take some work, and it has taken a bit of a toll on my social life. But not too much!

Here’s the key, and the #1 tip I would give someone who was wanting to start working out in the morning: Get up at the same time every day. This can be hard, especially on the weekends, because you may need to cut your social obligations short because you’re sleepy and ready for bed. But, I think at this point my friends are used to me tapping out early 🙂

Now, I get up at 5:25 AM during the week, but I don’t get up that early on the weekends. But I am up and out of bed around 7 or 8 (depending on how late I stayed up the night before) on Saturday and Sunday. However, if you aren’t currently a morning person and you are trying to teach yourself, you’re going to have to start getting up at the same time every single day.

This morning was a rest day. According to my January exercise calendar, Mondays and Wednesdays are either a rest day or a day to go to Cardio Fusion at the gym. I chose a rest day when I woke up because I was sleepy, but I didn’t go back to sleep. Instead, I got up and got a lot done.

The thing is, and I find this to be true in a lot of fitness junkies like myself, I feel kind of….blah on rest days. I realize that I need to take rest days, and I also don’t think taking a rest day will make me ‘fat’ or ‘out of shape’, but when you’re used to getting a lot of exercise, skipping a day makes you feel like you’re missing something, and it’s only made worse when I lay in bed instead of getting up and getting something done.

So this morning, I got up and got some much needed cleaning done, drank a cup of coffee and read some more of my book (I’m reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed — so intriguing!). I feel so accomplished now, even though I didn’t work out! That’s why I call it an “Active Rest Day” — even though I didn’t work out per se, I got some action in by doing some cleaning.

Keeping your body used to the routine of getting up early and getting something done is the key to becoming a morning person.

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