My New Running Partner

12 Jan

I’m not very much into group runs. I prefer to run alone.

Today, however, I found a new running partner:

2013-01-12 11.58.34


Margot is Courtney’s (my future sister-in-law) six month old Doberman. She’s a pure sweetheart, and has a lot of energy. I used to run with Courtney’s Doberman, Lexie, before she sadly passed away last year. Lexie was my favorite “person” to run with. She almost never got distracted, and she would run as long as I wanted to run. The only thing that distracted her from our running were squirrels, but can you blame her?

Today was Margot’s very first run. I wanted her to get a little older before I started running with her. Since it’s winter, Courtney hasn’t been able to take her to the dog park very often, so Margot is getting a bit antsy from being inside so often. So, I thought it was just about time to introduce Margot to her new past time 🙂

I started my day off with some coffee, a piece of toast with peanut butter and peach preserves and some reading.



Wild is very good, by the way. Once I’m finished I’ll review it here. It’s very relevant to the health and fitness set.

After doing some things I needed to do, I put on my running gear and went over to pick up Margot. After some struggling with her harness, we were off.

Margot did a great job for her first run. She was a little distracted by people, dogs and smells, but by the end she started to get the hang of not trying to chase every dog or trying to get every person we passed to pet her. We need to work on her pace, though! She wants to full-out sprint the whole time, so I got a good arm workout in holding her back. We did four miles, which is a lot for a dog her first time out. It’s hard to tell when a dog is tired out, because they will keep running with you no matter what. I kept an eye on our mileage, though, fully prepared to turn around if she showed signs of tiring out, but she never did. In fact, when I dropped her off at Courtney’s, she did about 20 laps around the coffee table, irritated her sister (11 year old Sam wasn’t very happy with the exuberant puppy), went outside to pee then came back in for some more laps around the table. Courtney even said that she played for a full 20 minutes before finally laying down. I guess next week’s 5 miler should be no problem for her!

I really like the idea of building up my mileage with Margot. She’s the perfect running partner!

Question of the Day:
Do you ever run with a dog? Any tips? 

9 Responses to “My New Running Partner”

  1. Margot is gorgeous! I do run with my dog, but I can’t really take her further than 4 miles in cold weather, less if it’s hot outside. Running with a dog can be such a great bonding opportunity. I always hate to leave Lucy behind. 🙂

    • I think running with Lexie is what made us so close. Even when she was very sick, she would perk up when I came over. I miss her.

  2. Courtney Bell at 6:53 pm #

    Awwwwwww! I just read this out loud to Justin. It makes me sooooo happy that you’re going to start taking her running with you. I loved that big, goofy smile she had on her face when you guys got back. Thank you, again, for running with her. 🙂

  3. savorlifesflavors at 9:55 am #

    I wish I could run with my dog but she’s still a puppy and she is in a nipping stage. Very annoying and unproductive lol .

    • haha! Well, she’ll get the hang of it. Margot is still very much a puppy in some ways, but I can tell she’s going to be a very focused running partner as she gets older.

  4. aliciac at 3:34 pm #

    I have a 3 year old doberman that I have been running with since she was around 4 months old. She has a ton of energy and together we worked up to almost 13 miles. She would do the same thing and start out very fast. For a while I used a harness for her that slowed her down and kept her at my side. It was pretty helpful and then she outgrew it but seemed to have learned by then to stay next to me. I will also take her for bike rides on my off days when I need to give my legs a break. We had a couple spills but she learned to stay to the side of the bike after that! Good luck 🙂

    • Thank you so much for commenting! I’m glad to hear that she should be capable of running the long distances with me (13.1 miles is my max, too). Thanks so much for the tips!


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    […] great news, because I’m really looking forward to my next run with Margot. Looks like I should shoot for Saturday, based on the forecast […]

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