Things I’m Excited About

30 Jan

1. Only 10 minutes until the end of the workday, and tonight I’m going to watch Paranormal Activity 4! Finally! I love those movies so much.

2. My alma mater (Marshall University) just posted their 2013 football schedule. I was nervous about this, because I was afraid there would be a home game scheduled on our wedding day, however:



…we lucked out!! Not only is there no home game, but there is no Marshall game at all. This is great, because most of our guests are Marshall fans!

3. Yesterday, upon recommendation of an Instagram friend, I discovered this little gem:

graze…a subscription box service that sends you a week’s worth of snacks for $5/week. They are running a promotion where your first and fifth week are free, so I eagerly signed up. I’m super excited to get my first box! I don’t know if I’ll be able to afford it forever, but I’m going to keep up with it for the 5 weeks and give an honest review here.

3. My wedding earrings arrived last week, broken. đŸ˜¦

I think I've decided on an updo to show off these incredible earrings.

This is the non-broken one! 

However, I dropped them off at the jewelry store near my office, and they fixed them for me! For $5! Woot!

4. I realized this morning how awesome my new Old Navy bright orange sports bra looks layered under the bubble tank:

cute5. …and just like that, I’ve successfully killed the last 10 minutes of work. See you tomorrow!

Question of the day:
What are you excited about!? 



One Response to “Things I’m Excited About”

  1. loseitbig at 7:36 pm #

    Right now I am excited about the IU vs Purdue basketball game. Big rivalry and I’m a big IU fan.

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