Wedding Wednesday #4: 7 months to go

27 Feb

wedding wednesday

Where does the time go? I feel like just yesterday, Zach and I were walking on the beach in North Carolina and he got down on one knee to put a ring on my finger. Now, we’re right in the middle of planning the biggest party of our lives!

I’ve got to be honest: I’m starting to feel the stress of wedding planning in a big way. When I get things done, it’s a relief, but only a tiny one because there is so much more to do. When I’m not doing wedding related tasks, I feel guilty. The way I chill out and calm down is to picture the wedding, which I know is going to be incredible, and amazingly fun!


  • Venue — Reserved and (partially) paid for (as the balance gets lower on this, I get happier and happier!) 
  • Caterer — I have narrowed this down to 2 caterers. We have a tasting scheduled for March 11th, and we’ll know more then. 
  • Alcohol — After reading this post by Meghann at Meals and Miles about how she stocked her bar, I’m confident we can do a full bar at our wedding as well. I’ve reached out to a couple people I know to see if they would like to be our bartender
  • Escort Cards — Going back and forth about this. I think I might just do a clothesline with pretty tags hung with clothespins. 
  • Guest List 
  • My Dress — Love it! 
  • My Veil — Something borrowed — I have it and it looks great with my dress. 
  • Bolero for over dressIt arrived, and it is PERFECT! I can’t wait for you to see it. Everyone who has seen it with the dress says it is just that special something that makes the dress “pop” — if you’re looking for something simple, elegant and handmade check out Wearable Artz  — Amy really did a perfect job.
  • Hair accessories for bride/bridesmaids? — Some yellow flower accessory for all of us — I spoke with someone recently about making these. 
  • Ties/socks for the groomsmen/ring bearer — We decided this month that along with the suits of their own choosing (grey, but mismatched), the groomsmen will also wear a yellow tie of their own choosing. Matching socks have been received.  
  • Shoes for the bride — I’ve actually changed my mind about this, more about it later. 
  • Guest Book — Recieved! It’s perfect 🙂 
  • Save the Date InvitationsCheck! Here is my post about the Save the Dates.
  • Invitations — a dear friend and groomsman is designing them. I fully trust him, so I’m not worried about this at all. 
  • Welcome bags for out of town guests — This is something we will deal with a little closer to the wedding. I have some ideas. 
  • Bridesmaid dresses — One bridesmaid has purchased her dress! Woo hoo! I made an appointment with David’s Bridal for late March to look at bridesmaids dresses and talk about alterations for my dress. 
  • Groomsmen attire: Everyone has decided what they will wear and we have purchased the matching socks for the groomsmen
  • Cake:
  • Centerpieces — Yarn-wrapped wine bottles (see below), 3 per table Handmade runners and tea lights. 
  • OfficiantI’ve emailed Adam (our officiant) again to give him a bit of an idea of where we were going with that. We will set up a meeting this spring to finalize everything. 
  • Photographer — My SIL to be is a wedding photographer, having a photographer friend be her second shooter. 
  • DJ – Zach is handling this 
  • The “somethings”Check! Veil, earrings, bracelet, dress
  • JewelryCheck! I have a lovely pair of blue earrings and I’ve commissioned a local jewelry designer to do a nice simple necklace for me, and of course my great-grandmother’s bracelet.  
  • Our wedding bands — Will probably go this coming weekend to have my engagement ring cleaned and serviced, and we will look at wedding bands then.  
  • Bridesmaid Gifts —  I’ve ordered part of this, just looking for a few more things. 
  • Groomsmen Gifts — Zach has ordered a few things. 
  • Rehearsal Dinner — I’ve spoken with a couple friends who are willing to host a BBQ the day before the wedding, so we will have somewhere to do this. We’ve talked about a pig roast with catered sides. If we do it this way, the rehearsal dinner can be a more casual affair that everyone who is coming to the wedding can attend. 
  • Wedding RegistriesMacy’s, Target and online for cash gifts. 
  • Thank you cards — Love the idea of a photo of us on the day holding a Thank You! sign
  • Hotel Room blockthis was taken care of when we booked the venue
  • Hair person — I think we have this
  • Garter — I’m probably just going to make this, something like this
  • Our toasting flutes — Here are a few I like
  • Cake cutter/spatula
  • Day-of Coordinator(s) — a friend has offered to help out with this. THANK YOU, Sarah!! 
  • ProgramsI have this covered, just need to order the materials and put them together
  • Cake Topper? – Will buy a flower topper for the cake from a local florist. The cake topper may be my only real flowers besides the boutineers, because….
  • Flowers — I’m thinking about going purely with the DIY/paper flower route. More about that later, but look at this link for an idea of where I’m headed. 
  • Songs for the ceremony
  • Ceremony Readings — I’m going with readings from Children’s books. I have two picked out already. 
  • “First Dance” Songs
  • Bridal Shower — Apparently there are TWO bridal showers in the works for me! I’m a very lucky and loved girl. 
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Bachelor Party
  • Table Numbers —  I’m changing my mind about this… 
  • Favors — homemade lemon cookies in gray CD sleeves (already purchased). Need stickers to seal sleeves. — Update: I may purchase the cookies rather than making them. Again, I don’t want to get overwhelmed with DIY projects. Also, I’m also thinking about custom-made buttons. We’ll see.
  • Other reception/ceremony decor — need chalkboards, various sized jars and bottles, backdrop…I’ll be frequenting the local flea markets/antique shops this summer for these items. 
  • Photo booth — I think I’ve definitely decided to go with a DIY photo “area” instead of a traditional booth (they are SO expensive). I think people will have just as much fun taking their own photos, especially since I’m encouraging everyone to bring cameras with them. 
  • Flower Girl attire — This is cute
  • Honeymoon!? — Zach and I are forgoing the Honeymoon to instead go on our annual beach trip with our friends about a month before the wedding. Since this is where we got engaged last year, I couldn’t imagine skipping it. 

Here are the things we have worked on this month:

I’m really embarrassed to say that this month has been less of a hands-on month and more of a thinking about things, calling people month. I wish I had a ton of things to show you, but I just don’t!

1. Caterer

I’ve spoken to three caterers. We set up a tasting with one for March 11th, the second caterer just gave me the available menus over the phone (plus I know someone who has had their food, so I’m confident it will be good), and the third is a bit pricey for the available options. So, I’ve ruled out the third caterer. The only problem is that I don’t want the second caterer to book my date while I’m waiting to go to the tasting for the first caterer. Luckily, she offers the option of giving her a refundable deposit to hold the date, and since it’s just a couple of weeks I’m probably going to do that.

2. Wedding Bands

It’s been 6 months since we got engaged (time flies, I tell ya!), so it’s time to take my engagement ring in to be cleaned/serviced. That means we’ll probably start by looking at wedding bands at the jewelry store where he bought my engagement ring. We’re both thinking we want something really simple. I adore my engagement ring:

Just in case you forgot what it looks like :)

Just in case you forgot what it looks like 🙂

….so I’m going to let it take center stage on my finger. I’ll get something simple that fits with my engagement ring, and that will be that. It will be nice to pick something out for Zach. I’m super excited to see him with a wedding band on his finger. It makes me feel all giddy inside, actually 🙂

3. Bridal Showers

I’ve been approached by my mom and sister and one of my bridesmaids about Bridal Shower plans, which I honestly cannot be more excited about. It just makes me so happy that people want to throw me a party. I love my friends and family so much, and it makes me so happy that they are as excited about this as I am.

4. Honeymoon (ish)

Zach and I might be the first engaged couple on earth to take their honeymoon before their wedding, but it’s looking more and more like that’s what’s going to happen. We got engaged during the annual beach trip with our friends, and at first I imagined we’d forgo that trip this year since it usually happens about a month before the date we had planned to get married, but to be honest, I just can’t even imagine skipping this trip. It has honestly been the best week of my life this past two years, especially last year, with getting engaged right at the beginning of the week. Plus, we just might not have the money and/or time to go away right after the wedding, so we figured, “Why not!?” — I’ll just have to work extra hard to tie up any loose ends before we leave and when we get back. I guess it’s not your traditional honeymoon, but we’re not your traditional couple, either.

The other thing I really need to do this month is to meet with a florist. I need to know how much that is going to cost before I start shopping for all the little things.

Until next month!

Question of the Day:
Did you take a honeymoon? Where? 



2 Responses to “Wedding Wednesday #4: 7 months to go”

  1. happyappalachy February 27, 2013 at 7:58 pm #

    We went on the honeymoon before the wedding. Honeymoon in May and wedding in August. We had a reason for choosing the date that we did (it was close to our dating anniversary), and I had to start back to law school about 10 days later, so we just thought it would be better to do it when we did. No biggie. I didn’t really miss leaving on a big trip afterwards and honestly it would have probably stressed me out thinking about everything you have to do afterwards (driver’s license, soc sec card, insurance, etc).

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