7 Mar

Do you guys watch Daily Grace? Her vlog is the one thing I’m all, “I watched her first!” about, because I’ve been watching Grace’s vlogs since she was filming with a point and shoot, and lived in a sublet with Michelle and a guy named Panda. If you don’t watch her daily vlogs, you really should. She’s so funny and smart! You might want to just go ahead and reserve a weekend where you do nothing but catch up on her archives as well. Now that she’s all famous, she sells merchandise on her website and there is this one hoodie that I’m dying to buy:



Isn’t it awesome? I always say that Snacks is my favorite meal of the day. I do want to talk a bit about healthy snacks, but first! Today, I watched the Crossfit Open WOD 13.1. Even if you’re not into Crossfit, I think it would be interesting to you if you like watching sports. Basically, two very fit men competed in one intense WOD:

40 burpees
30 reps Snatch, 75 lbs
30 burpees
30 reps Snatch, 135 lbs
20 burpees
30 reps Snatch, 165 lbs
10 burpees
As many reps as possible Snatch, 210 lbs

Yeah, that’s intense! I really enjoyed watching, and I learned a lot about Snatch technique, which is the skill we’re working at my Crossfit class now.

crossfit WOD 13.1


Ok, snacks.

I’ve had an issue lately where when it comes time for lunch, I’m so hungry that I end up eating way too much. Now, I’m usually pretty good about snacking to avoid getting over-hungry, but what happens is that I’m usually pretty busy the first half of the day at work, so I don’t notice my hunger until I get to lunch. By then, it’s too late.

So, I’ve been trying to set a time to have a snack, regardless of my hunger. If I stop to think about my snack, I usually notice that I will be a little hungry for it, and it helps me  not eat too much at lunch.

Disclaimer: I’m not worried about eating too much because I’m afraid of gaining weight or anything. The reason I don’t want to overeat at lunch is because it makes me feel terrible for the rest of the afternoon. I feel sleepy, sluggish and uncomfortable if I’m overfull.

Ok, so around 10:oo or 10:30, I dig in for a snack. Today, I packed two separate snacks, because I wasn’t sure if I’d be craving sweet or salty:

snacks 2

I ended up going the salty route, I dumped that cheesy mix from my graze box into that baggie of pretzels and it was delicious! I plan to eat the yogurt and strawberries for my afternoon snack.

Snacks are definitely a major part of my healthy lifestyle, because they give me fuel to get through the day and prevent me from crashing from hunger, or eating too much and feeling uncomfortable.

Question of the day:
Do you eat snacks to curb your hunger throughout the day, or are you more of a three meals kind of person? 

3 Responses to “Snacks!”

  1. di @ life of di. at 2:26 pm #

    I typically eat a snack here and there throughout my day 🙂 Sometimes I’m hungrier than other times but I’d say at least one snack in the day and another before bed!

  2. Anna Hartman at 3:35 pm #

    I’m a 3 meals a day kind of gal, but mostly because snacking for me has some not-so-healthy connotations. I tend to want to reach for snacks that don’t keep me full for long. And since I’m an over-indulger, it’s really better just to steer clear.

  3. sushisushibento at 5:01 am #

    I only snack if I am really hungry. I usually stick to green tea or fruit tea to see me through 🙂 I do like to take my time eating my lunch though, which tends to eliminate my afternoon hunger.

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