21 May

I have seriously put this blog on the back burner, and it bums me out on a daily basis. This month has flown by, and I’m not surprised. I’ve been in my new position at work for about a month now, and it is non-stop busy. Not to mention I’ve been training my new assistant and the girl who replaced me in my old position. By the time I get home from work, I just want to forget that computers exist!

So, for now I think I’ll catch you up with what’s been going on with me, health and fitness wise, and then I’ll try to post here at least three times a week. Deal?

So, one thing that has not been suffering is my workouts. I’ve managed to do something almost every day, and it feels great. My mileage for May is right on track to have a great mileage month:



…and I’ve managed to make it to Crossfit a bunch AND get in some regular strength workouts at home. Also, since I’ve been trying to lose a few pounds, I joined a Diet Bet and have been following Weight Watchers, and as a result of the healthy eating and exercise, what do you know, I’ve managed to lose almost six pounds!

weight loss


…I’m ramping up my efforts a bit in this last day or two to get that last 1.2 pounds off, because I really want to win the money! If I do win the money, I’ll most likely join Sarah’s Fourth of July Diet Bet as well. I’ve noticed that being a part of this bet has really motivated me to make better choices. In fact, last week Zach joined a friend at one of my favorite local restaurants (featuring huge burgers and beer-battered fries), and I skipped out in favor of a protein bowl, water and a Women’s Health magazine! I’ve also discovered my new favorite food:

A whole wheat/corn blend tortilla topped with goat cheese and raw veggies.

A whole wheat/corn blend tortilla topped with goat cheese and raw veggies.

So amazing!

Other things I’ve been up to:


Running outside! I finally crossed paths with my favorite water fountain, which is located about two miles from my house on a recent long run. I look forward to that stop every long run.

healthy cookies


I had my first bridal shower, and got the best gift: A Kitchenaid mixer!! I used to to whip up some of these two-ingredient cookies that the internet is crazy for (bananas and oatmeal are the two ingredients, but I added peanut butter as well).

healthy cookies 2


And of course, I’ve been hanging out with this rapidly growing puppy, which includes frequent visits to the dog park:

pup 1

Using the “Beautiful Mess” app, I edited the above photo for a little #dogshaming:



…because that, sadly, is very true!

Question of the day:
Have your health and fitness efforts been ramped up due to the warm weather, or is the opposite true? 

4 Responses to “Back?”

  1. xtinaluvspink at 9:29 am #

    I need your motivation! Now that it’s warm and NICE out, I find it much easier to just sit on the balcony with a beer and dinner, rather than go to the gym. My problem is that most of my workouts are gym-based, and I hate to waste this beautiful weather by staying inside! Tips? I really am working hard to tone up and maintain this weight loss, but beer and sitting are not the path to success with that. :-/

    • I’ll tell ya, I have the SAME issues, which is why I need to use things like the Diet Bet to motivate me. I know that money is my biggest motivator. But I, like you, really enjoy sitting on balconies with beers, so I just use that as my reward for working out. And I find if I try to eat really clean and healthy, a beer once in a while won’t derail me!

      • xtinaluvspink at 9:33 am #

        Maybe I’ll look into this Diet Bet thing…money is a good motivator for me too!! And I DO eat clean and healthy, like 95% of the time. But I’ll try to use the relaxation as a reward rather than a replacement of exercise. Thanks, Kristy 🙂 Also, I’m super jealous of your KitchenAid stand mixer…owning one of those is my baking dream!

  2. sushisushibento at 11:27 am #

    I love the weather being less miserable! It’s not always consistent but whenever I want to run outside, it’s been just right! I haven’t done cardio inside at the gym in over a month! I need to remember to keep up with my weight training though, but the thought of running in beautiful sunshine is just too tempting!

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