Week 1 Progress and Notes: Weight Watchers

20 Aug

One week down on Weight Watchers, and things are going well, but also could be going better! Note: My Weight Watchers Weeks start on Wednesday, so yesterday was the start of Week 2.

Week One: – 2 pounds

25 minute walk (3.0 mph); 40 minutes of HIIT (YMCA Weightloss Class)
Thursday: 1 hour morning walk w/ Frank (3.0 mph); PM 35 minute run outside (5 mph)
Friday: 70 minute morning walk w/ Frank (3.0 mph) followed by 20 minutes of Zumba YouTube videos in my living room
Saturday: 46 minute run (5.5 mph) w/ friends (AM)
image3 (1)
Sunday: 80 minute walk w/ Frank (3.0 mph)
Monday: 40 minute walk w/ Frank (3.0 mph) followed by 20 minutes of Zumba YouTube videos
Tuesday: 20 minute (rainy) walk w/ Frank (3.0 mph); 30 minutes of Jillian Michaels’ Ripped in 30 DVD
image1 (5)

Biggest Challenge this Week: 

This week was the annual Rails and Ales Festival in my town and boy was it fun, but it’s no secret that craft beer is heavy on the calories, and it’s also really hard to track points when you’re just going around sampling beers, and just grabbing some food to eat along the way. Also after we were done with the festival, we were very tired and very hungry so we just went to a restaurant. The good thing is that I was well aware of this challenge ahead of time so I was sure to save up my “weekly” points and also get a good workout in before hand so I had plenty of points to work with — while still making semi-smart choices.


Biggest A-ha! Moment of the Week:

Turning my walks with Frank into a workout! One of my biggest challenges lately has been getting a workout in. In the morning, I feel guilty skipping Frank’s walk in lieu of a workout and after work most days I’m just wiped out and not wanting to workout. So, in addition to just forcing myself to get a workout in, I’ve turned Frank’s morning walk into a workout. I turn on my Runkeeper app and try to keep my pace at 3.0 mph or better. That means less sniffing for old Frank and more sweating for me. Walks with Frank used to be leisurely, but now I find myself breaking a sweat and huffing and puffing a bit. I’ve also started to just get out of bed earlier to make sure we get a nice long walk in. If I get up early enough, I can usually fit something else in after the walk — usually Zumba YouTube videos (which are SUPER fun and have the bonus of nobody actually witnessing my horrid dancing skills).


Sometimes Frank gets tired because of the fast pace of our walks….

Other Random Notes:

I feel great this week! I had a few slip ups (I ended the week with a few negative points), but I still saw a loss. One thing I really need to work on (and I was pretty good about this past week) is snacking/drinking in the evening. After I have finished work, gotten a workout in, cooked dinner and cleaned up the kitchen, it’s relaxation time for me, and usually that means an adult beverage and a snack! I’ve been working hard to leave myself enough points to enjoy a beverage and some popcorn, but I really need to just not allow myself those things if I don’t have enough points. I don’t want to use up all my weekly points on indulging each morning, because I’d really like to save them! Weekends are my biggest struggle — though I have lots of time to gain activity points (and I’m definitely more active) there is usually lots of temptation to indulge.

Dinners have been healthy and flavorful this week! I also checked out some cookbooks from the library that have Weight Watchers friendly recipes (Points Plus values listed) so I’m hoping to get a meal plan set up for next week as well.

Steak, baked potato and veggies -- 12 Points Plus including one small pat of butter and 2 tablespoons of sour cream

Steak, baked potato and veggies — 12 Points Plus including one small pat of butter and 2 tablespoons of sour cream

image2 (3)

Chicken Scampi (Olive Garden knock-off) – 13 Points Plus w/ 2 oz of cooked Penne

My highest Points Plus meals tend to be breakfast and lunch — but I definitely need the activity points each day to feel satisifed, even when I’m eating pretty healthy.

Things to work on next week:

  1. Get to the gym more often: I’ve been pretty good about working out at home, but haven’t actually been to the gym much. Part of this is because work has been so crazy and stressful, but I need to just make it a point to pack my gym stuff and hoof it to the gym after work more often.
  2. Curb nightly snacking/drinking – as I said above
  3. Meal planning to include lots of WW friendly meals, and also doing food prep early in the week so it’s easier to eat healthy without thinking much about it.

See you next week!


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