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Snapshots from the Weekend

10 Jun

Sometimes I feel like the weekend is over before I can blink, but when I go back and look at the photos on my phone, I am surprised at how much I did. So, let’s recap, shall we?

I stayed home from work on Friday to be with little Frank. He was neutered on Tuesday, so Zach and I took turns staying home with him to keep an eye on his incision. He can’t play with other dogs or do a lot of jumping, so needless to say I had a very bored puppy on my hands:

Can we please go for a walk?

Can we please go for a walk?

I did take him for a few walks, but a mere walk is not enough for this pup. I can’t wait until he can play with his puppy cousins and get back to the dog park! When Zach got home from work, I hit the treadmill to do a quick run to keep up with the Runner’s World Run Streak, then went to Crossfit, where we did a fun and quick WOD followed by a partner ab workout:

friday wod


…and then on Saturday I got to attend my first 2 hour Boot Camp Class of the season! This is something that is put together by two of my favorite group fitness instructors at the gym, they do it a few times in the early and late summer, and it’s so fun! We start at 8:00 AM on Saturday, and we run from the gym to the park, where we go through a bunch of exercises, then we run to another location to do some exercises, and we repeat that cycle in a big two mile loop that ends up back at the gym for hour two, which is indoors. It’s a super intense and fun workout that I get excited for each time we do it. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of it, but trust me, it’s a blast!

Later on Saturday, Zach and I decided to take the pup for a nice long walk to get out some of his puppy energy:

Photo Jun 08, 8 20 30 PMHe had a blast, and so did I. There isn’t much I like more than taking long walks with my two favorite guys ūüôā

Sunday was a pretty lazy day. Despite trying to stick to the Runner’s World run streak, I felt like my body desperately needed a rest day after two pretty intense workouts on Friday and Saturday, so I took one! No shame in that. Zach and I did some cleaning and I whipped up some chili.

Photo Jun 09, 5 43 51 PM


I guess most people don’t see chili as a summer food, but I’m very into a nice veggie chili in the warm weather, especially on dreary and rainy Sundays!

Despite all of my seemingly healthy choices this weekend, I still overdid it a bit in the eating department. I fear this month’s Diet Bet won’t turn out as well as the last one did, but I’m back on track today!

Question of the Day:
Do you have trouble making healthy choices when the weekend rolls around?


I’ve Got the Boot Camp Blues

15 Jan

Yesterday morning I woke up and went to the gym, I hit up my favorite cardio fusion class like normal. It was a good class, lots of cardio and strength intervals.

After work, Zach had to do some travelling for work, so I was on my own in the evening. Turns out, it’s boring sitting around the house by yourself. So, I decided to hit up the 7:30 Boot Camp Class at my gym.


I’ve been to the Boot Camp class that is taught by these two trainers at my gym, and I knew it was no joke. I was dreading it the whole time I walked to the gym, and the whole time I sat there listening to the regulars talk about how we were doing “22’s” and how sore they were after doing them last time. I had no idea what they were talking about, and I was nervous.

After a ten-minute warm up on the track, I was quickly assimilated into the world of “22’s”. Basically, we were split up into three groups. On the whistle, we had to sprint the length of the gym 4 times (up and back twice), shooting for 22 seconds. After you were done, you waited for the other two groups to go (basically, a 44 second rest) and then went again.¬†Ten times.¬†The first few times, it’s fun. After that you’re dying to stop, but I didn’t! By the tenth time, I barely made it to half court on the last length before he called 22 seconds. If you have an empty gym and you’re looking for a good workout, try it!

After that, there were some kettlebell drills and seal walks across the gym. I took off early because the weather was getting bad and I wanted to be home when Zach got there.

I’ll tell you what, I might be doing intense workouts later in the evening more often. That workout knocked me out! I was pretty sleepy by the time Zach got home, but I forced myself to stay up and chat with him for a while, but by the time I climbed into bed, I was out like a light. I even skipped the early morning gym this morning, because I just wanted to sleep some more. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to go for a run later this evening.

In food news, here is a picture of my new favorite breakfast. A sausage, egg and edamame scramble with a little cheese and sriracha. Looks small, but it packs a protein punch that keeps me satisfied for quite some time. I love breakfast scrambles. I just cook up whatever veggies and/or meat I want, beat an egg on the side, then pour it in when the veggies/meat are almost cooked. Oh yum!

2013-01-10 17.57.16


I hate blog posts with no pictures, don’t you?

Question of the Day:
What was the toughest workout you’ve had recently?¬†


Photo Shoot Day!

27 Oct

Happy Saturday! It’s a rainy and dreary day around here, which is kind of a bummer because Zach and I are going to get our Save the Date photos done this afternoon! Hopefully we can get it done anyway.

Yesterday, I finally carved my pumpkin:

“I am the one who knocks, I am the danger”

If you don’t know who that is, you need to start watching Breaking Bad! It’s such a great show! Pro tip: When carving a pumpkin, it’s important to keep one hand clean so you can photograph the event and drink wine.

This morning, I went to Boot Camp and it was rough! We started out with a warm up on the track, and then we did two circuits. The first involved hurdle jumps, ladder push-ups, monster walks with a band, and kettlebell swings. We did four rounds of that in 15 minutes. The second circuit was SO rough. We did it on the basketball court. You had to do 20 split lunges, 20 jump squats, 20 back lunges and then 20 regular squats, and then push a 45 lb plate on a towel to the first foul line. Then, we did 15 reps of the lunges/squats, and pushed the plate to center court. Then 10 reps, push the plate to the second foul line, then 5 reps and full court. Holy cow. I had to really push to get that plate down the court. It was such a great workout! 

When I got home from the gym, I made my favorite skillet breakfast:



Usually, I add some cheese on top of the potatoes before cracking the eggs over top and putting it in the oven, but this time I left it off and added some Kale for a lighter breakfast. We are going out for a birthday dinner tonight, so I thought we’d keep it a little light this morning.

Now, it’s time to jump in the shower to get ready for our photo shoot! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to show you the finished product.

You’re just a virgin who can’t drive…..

20 Jul

Thanks to Courtney, I learned that today is the 17th Anniversary of the movie Clueless! Can you believe it has been 17 years?

Clueless is¬†definitely¬†one of my favorite movies of all time. I can pretty much quote it word for word. The quote that is the title of this post, in fact, is very relevant to my day today. Because, today, I did something that every girl dreams of: I took my driver’s test! But if you want to know if I passed (and why, at 34 years old, I’m taking my driver’s test again), you’ll have wait until the end of this post…

“I would just like to say that Physical Education in this school is a disgrace!” Weren’t Cher’s workout outfits to die for!?

First, I’d like to talk a little about how Kristen, over at Following Fit¬†put out a 7 day challenge called “Feats of Strength: A Mile a Day”. Now, I love a good challenge so I was definitely in. Since the day she posted about it, I had just happened to run a mile that morning, I figured I could jump right in. Then yesterday happened and I didn’t get a workout in at all. I was so bummed, until I realized that I biked to work! I live exactly one mile from work! Since the challenge is just to move in some way for one mile, it qualifies! I was excited to realize I hadn’t crapped out on the challenge so early.

This morning, my plan was to run 3 to 4 miles, but when I woke up, it was pouring rain. The gym is still closed for maintenance (is it just me, or is this the longest week ever?), so the treadmill was out of the question. To Netflix I went!

Today’s Netflix Instant workout was Crunch Boot Camp Training:

Apparently the only qualification for a “Boot Camp” workout is some sort of camouflage clothing.

This wasn’t a boot camp style workout, in my opinion. It was by no means an easy workout, but it was pretty much just a cardio fusion workout. The only reason it qualifed as ‘Boot Camp’ was the¬†camouflage¬†and the fact that the instructor called the participants “Soldier” a lot. But I really did like this workout. You start out with an aerobics like warm up — lots of marching, toe taps, etc. Then you move on to alternating between strength moves and cardio moves. There are a lot of¬†push ups, and she varies the types of¬†push ups you do as well (regular, stacked feet, tricep). There are also some abs moves. It was 30 minutes long, and by the end my heart was pumping and I was dripping with sweat. I like to workout a little longer than 30 minutes, so once I was done, I went out for a run (the rain had stopped by this point). My Nike+ app said I had run my fastest mile (9:25). My actual fastest mile of all time is 8:08 (I’m slow), in case you were wondering.

After my workout, I made myself pretty for the DMV (gotta look nice in a photo you carry around in your wallet at all times!), and had some breakfast:

Eggs, turkey bacon, broccoli and cottage cheese. Covered with Sriracha and whole wheat toast on the side. Yum.

Ok, so here is why I had to re-take my driver’s license. My birthday is on Christmas Day. Every time I’ve renewed my license, I’ve done it the day after Christmas. This year, I had to switch from a Pennsylvania license to a West Virginia license and while I should have done it before my PA license expired, I put off going to the DMV (do you blame me?) so much that when the day after Christmas arrived, I had to rush over there…and they were closed. I guess because Christmas was on a Sunday last year, Monday was a federal holiday. If your license expires, you have to start all over again.

You’ll notice that it is July. Yes, I really put this off. I rarely drive, so it wasn’t that big of a deal, except not having an ID (that was annoying.) But, today I went and I took the written test. I’ll take the driving test next week and I’ll be back in action. Sometimes, I’m bad at being an adult. In the meantime, I’m having fun telling everyone I got my learner’s permit today. ūüôā

Nice and sweaty from this morning’s workout. Also, I think I should probably start using my pull-up bar for something other than a drying rack for sweaty clothes….

Do you like my tank top? I’ve started making my race t’s into racer back tanks with a tutorial from Cassey at Blogilates. You can find the tutorial here.

In other news, apparently the roof of the hotel we are supposed to stay at this weekend has blown off due to a storm in Louisville last night. The weekend weather adventures continue!

That’s all for today! Talk to you all soon….I hope not sporadically!

You can’t be the absolute final word on driver’s licenses!

What do you think of your Driver’s License picture?¬†

What is your favorite movie of all time? 

Do you get stressed out when a wrench is thrown into your weekend plans?