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Good Eats

19 Nov

There isn’t much I enjoy more than a good, relaxing weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I love to go out of town, run races, and other things that take up a weekend, but it’s a good weekend when I just don’t have much to do but hang out with Zach and laze around the house.

This weekend was one of those, and usually I end up eating very well because I’m not too busy to cook. So, I thought I’d share some of the highlights of this weekend, in the form of food!

After yoga and a run on Saturday, I went straight to the grocery store to get my Thanksgiving shopping done (and beat the crowds). Unfortunately, because I hadn’t eaten, that meant I was committing a mortal sin: Going to the grocery store on an empty stomach!

I ended up making only one impulse buy, in the form of a spice cake mix and cream cheese frosting! I’m not too upset about the purchase. I immediately whipped up a two-ingredient pumpkin cake. Basically, I just mixed the spice cake mix with a can of pumpkin puree. So good!

I wanted to make cupcakes, but I couldn’t find my cupcake pan?? I have no idea how you lose a whole cupcake pan, but leave it to me to do so.

On Saturday night, Zach and I decided to go out to dinner! I had a $50 gift card for Outback Steakhouse, so I got all gussied up and grabbed Zach’s sister and her boyfriend and off we went.

Since there is always is at least an hour wait at our local Outback, Courtney and I decided to start things off with a cocktail. This frozen bellini thing really hit the spot.

I had a tip that the Ahi Tuna appetizer at Outback is tops, and since I like to keep my Saturday night dinners light (it’s hard to have a good evening when you’re over-stuffed), I decided to just order that and a salad:

Oh my goodness was this amazing. Seriously, if you have an Outback nearby (who doesn’t?), you must try this. Also, the large size of the appetizer plus a salad was more than enough food for me.

Of course, I don’t really keep it light on the cocktails on Saturday:

This sangria sampler was pretty good, but they were a little on the sweet side. I know, not surprising for sangria, but they were a little too sweet in my opinion.

After dinner, we went to a birthday party for a friend I haven’t seen for a while, and he brought his Corgi, Leia:

This is a food post, I know, but I couldn’t NOT post a picture of that face!

I slept until 11 am Sunday morning. It was amazing! I quickly decided that I would take a rest day. After running some errands, I stopped at Starbucks for a holiday-themed latte and one of these:

Peppermint brownie pop! Totally worth the 200 calories 🙂

I had a bit of a tummy ache all day on Sunday (not due to the brownie pop — I think), so around 6:00 I still hadn’t thought about dinner. When I saw Zach moving toward the kitchen for a slice of pumpkin cake, I stopped him and whipped him up some dinner:

I’ve been craving some matzo ball soup for a while now, so I used Jenn’s (from Peas and Crayons) recipe, which you can find here. It turned out really great!

I wasn’t hungry (tummy trouble), but I couldn’t let my man go hungry! He requested a grilled cheese on the side, also. After his dinner was on the table, I decided I could eat a little something after all, so he shared his sandwich with me and I had a bit of soup. It was yummy!

After dinner and doing the dishes, I snuggled onto the couch for a night of Sons of Anarchy repeats (we’re on season one now), football and the new episode of Walking Dead. Lazy Sunday!

Question of the Day:
What’s your favorite kind of soup? 


That’s just, like, your opinion, Man.

23 Jul

Maybe I should change the theme of this blog to something movie related? This is my second post in a row with a movie theme.

This weekend, Zach and I headed to Louisville, KY (you guys, this town is amazingly beautiful!) to attend the 11th Annual Lebowski Fest. In case you don’t know, Lebowski Fest was started in 2001 (I guess, since this is the 11th) for a bunch of nerds (I say that in the most adoring manner, considering I am one of those nerds!) to celebrate all things pertaining to the 1998 Coen Brother’s movie, The Big Lebowski. Have you seen it?

Basically, on Friday night, they have a party where they show the movie, and then on Saturday they have a “Garden Party”, with bands, beers and food and then they have a Bowling Party. People dress up like characters from the movie (people get really creative with costumes), they sell Lebowski merchandise. It’s basically just a big party.

A bunch of Dudes….

My t-shirt, Zach bowling (his jersey says “Seattle” and is #7. You might not get it unless you’re a superfan of the movie…), and my best bowling score ever.

I wish I could recap every second of the weekend, but we just did so much. We arrived in Louisville on Saturday (we decided to skip the Friday night festivities), and luckily we have some good friends who live there. They showed us a great time when we weren’t Lebowski’ing. They even knew some people who were working at the Festival, so they showed up at the bowling alley at the end of the night to hang out with us.

My Summer Shandy cocktail, the description and my friends

Saturday was basically just a party all day long. I ate and drank all day — not the healthiest! But sometimes it’s ok to indulge, and I had to try all the deliciousness that Louisville had to offer. I didn’t take photos of all my food and drinks (trust me, it would overwhelm you), but I’d have to say the two best things I ate on Saturday were the ice cream I had at the Garden Party, and the grilled cheese I got from a food truck outside of the bowling alley at the end of the night:

The ice cream was Dulche de Leche and it was amazing, and the grilled cheese had apples and brie on wheatberry bread. There was also this delicious, spicy and smoky sauce to dip it in.

On Sunday morning, I was feeling a little heavy and a lot hungover. As difficult as it is, I always like to go on for a run when I’m hungover because it makes me feel a lot better. So I chugged some disgusting coffee and headed to the hotel gym to run on the treadmill for a bit. I have to say I was missing the treadmill after a week of the gym being closed. I never thought I would utter those words! I did about 2 miles of speed intervals and then headed back to the room.

Sunday was such a nice day. Since we were tied up with the Festival on Saturday, we spent some time with our friends on Sunday. They made us a really delicious brunch, and then we headed to the Zappos Outlet store. I wasn’t sure what to expect at the store, but I knew I was going to keep my eyes peeled for some running shoes. I am so excited at what I found:

The color on the right is the true color…and I LOVE it!

Brooks Pure Flow! These babies retail for $90, the full price tag on them was $76. Everything at the outlet is 50% off the full price tag, so these shoes were only $39! I immediately fell in love. I love the new Brooks Pure line because I’m into the ‘minimalist’ style shoes. I like a light shoe, and while these have a little more padding than I’m used to, they are still super light and flexible. I’m a pretty neutral runner — even in shoes,  I have a natural midfoot strike, and I don’t tend over or underpronate much — and these babies are perfect for me. I actually had my eye on them before I saw them at the outlet — in my exact size — so it was downright serendipitous. I just had to take these babies out for a test drive this morning, even though I was looking forward to returning to my Cardio Sculpt class, so I headed to the gym early and did a fast mile on the treadmill before class. Maybe I’m still on a high from finding these and paying so little for them, but I swear, I was speedy and my run felt easier.

The other thing I bought at the outlet was this:

TYR hot pink/lime green reversible sport suit.

I’m really excited about this as well, for several reasons. One, because it was originally a $70 suit, and since all the swimwear was 70% off, I got it for $20. Two, I really, really, really need a new sport suit and three, this is cute enough to wear to work out OR on the beach. The photos above came out a little weird color wise, the true color is more like the one on the right than the one on the left.

Since I did so much indulging this weekend, this morning’s breakfast was a little light. I went with an Apple Pie Smoothie from Mama Pea. No pictures, because I drank it out of my camelback bottle and it didn’t look very pretty, but if you click on that link you’ll see the lovely photos Sarah took of it. You really must try this smoothie. It’s very filling, and tastes incredible. Plus, the oatmeal topping adds a little extra oomph to it to carry you through until lunch. Yum!

Here is my workout plan for the week:
Monday: One mile run and Cardio Sculpt class (check!)
Tuesday: Swim one mile/Chest and Back in the weight room
Wednesday: AM: Cardio Sculpt PM: 3 mile run
Thursday: Speed work on the treadmill (will plan out drills Wednesday evening)/Arms and legs in the weight room
Friday: Rest or yoga/Abs
Saturday: Long run — 7 miles since I haven’t done one in a while.
Sunday: Easy run or rest

I’m going to hit it a little harder this week because of the overindulgent weekend. Plus, I am almost officially one month from my week-long beach vacation so it never hurts to keep the nutrition and fitness level up in preparation for that. Not because I think I need to lose weight or “tone up”, but because it’s fun and it increases the anticipation!

Have a great day!

What’s the best deal you have gotten lately? 

What’s your favorite smoothie recipe? 

Do you like to work out a little harder in preparation for vacation?