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My Favorite Fitness Magazine

9 Oct

If you’re like me, your house is overrun with back issues of fitness magazines. Currently, I subscribe to Fitness, Shape and Oxygen. By far, my favorite one is Oxygen Magazine.

I started getting frustrated with women’s fitness magazines a while back, around the time that Women’s Health changed their layout. When I first started reading Women’s Health, it was similar to Men’s Health, but geared more toward Women. I don’t think there was any big “unveiling” of the new layout, but I noticed that I started being typically displeased with the layout and content. When I read a magazine that is geared toward health and fitness, I expect to get more content on that front. It seems like a lot of women’s health and fitness magazines try to be more like a Glamour or Cosmopolitan with one 20 minute workout thrown in.

Like I said, I subscribe to Shape and Fitness as well, they are less like that, but Oxygen is, to me, the perfect fitness magazine for women. Here are the top 5 reasons it is my favorite:

1. The workouts: While their aren’t typically many cardio workouts (and that’s fine, I am a runner and that’s what I do for cardio most often), their strength workouts are second to none. Oxygen doesn’t automatically assume that you’ve never stepped foot into the weight room at a gym (if you haven’t, that’s fine and Fitness or Women’s Health would probably be great for you, but for someone who knows their way around a weight room, this is a better fit). I like to go into the gym with a plan and if I haven’t made that plan and it’s 6:00 AM, it’s easy to just grab one of my back issues of Oxygen and know I’ll have a few options of great workouts to try.

2. The Fitness Models: Let’s face it, the fitness models in a lot of women’s “fitness” magazines have great bodies, but they look kind of…puny. I think it’s gotten better in recent times, but sometimes I’m looking at a fitness model doing a workout and  I don’t see an ounce of  muscle definition (I don’t see an ounce of flab either, but that’s neither here nor there).

Photo credit: oxygenmag.com

3. The recipes: I’ve made more recipes out of my Oxygen magazine than any other magazine or website. Period. Tosca Reno, the queen of The Eat-Clean Diet, is the CEO and Publisher of the magazine (since her husband Robert Kennedy’s death). I think that in the fitness world, you have your Paleo-diet supporters, your vegans, your vegetarians, etc., which kind of contradict each other, but across the board everyone agrees that eating clean is the key to fat loss and optimal health. That’s what I love about the recipes in Oxygen, though. While they do focus on a high-protein diet for fat-loss, they don’t always insist you get that protein from meat. I’ve seen vegetarian and vegan recipes in the magazine.

Uh, protein Twinkies anyone? Yes, please!

4. The Health Posts: There really is a focus on health in this magazine. They have a section on a fit pregnancy every month, they have articles about fighting fatigue with good nutrition, How weight-lifting can lower your cholesterol level…and that’s just a few I grabbed off the website. Every month there is a plethora of information in the issue and on their website.

5. The Digital Issue: They have a digital issue that you can download to your phone or Kindle, and it’s great for toting to the gym if you don’t like carrying your dog-eared, 6 month old issue to the gym. I definitely don’t do that! The only problem I have is that you don’t get the digital issue free with your print subscription, but I can see myself switching to completely digital in the future.

Also, all their special issues (Fat Loss, Abs, etc.) are included with your subscription. I hate it when I subscribe to a magazine and I have to buy the special issues anyway.

If you don’t already subscribe to Oxygen, I highly recommend it!

Question of the Day:
What’s your favorite health and fitness magazine?