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Checking in on Huntington…

8 Dec

This morning, I found this article by food blogger Rebecca Maclean (she blogs at Food Me Once.) In the article, Rebecca comes to Huntington to take a class at Huntington’s Kitchen.

Huntington’s Kitchen was opened by Jamie Oliver while he was here filming the Food Revolution show. It was called “Jamie’s Kitchen” then and he used it for the show, but after the show wrapped, it was funded by Cabell Huntington Hospital and taken over by Ebenezer Medical Outreach (a local non-profit which provides medical care to people who can’t afford health insurance.) Now, Huntington’s Kitchen provides cooking demonstrations for the community to teach people how to cook healthy meals for their families. Most classes cost $15 (a bargain), although they do offer some classes free of charge for patients with certain conditions, and it’s a great resource for this community.

Some of the upcoming classes found on their website are:

  • Gluten Free and Fabulous
  • Fabulous Whisking with the Wise: Cooking for 1 or 2 (this class would be great for me!)
  • Perfect Portions: Diabetes Friendly Cooking
  • Whisking Your Way to Wellness

Now, I haven’t gone to a cooking demonstration at Huntington’s Kitchen yet. I know I should, and I especially should blog about it! But I was glad to read Rebecca’s article. The class she attended was geared toward Bariatric patients, and the meal they made was Indian-spiced chicken, skillet roasted cauliflower and squash, peach salsa and herbed couscous — sounds great! However, the best thing I took away from the article is that Rebecca noted some of the changes to Huntington since Jamie has been there — more restaurants with an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients, and the addition of The Wild Ramp (our local food market). She also mentions a book in the works about the “food landscape” of Huntington post-Food Revolution.

Looks like Huntington is making strides toward good health after all. I’ve said it before, but I would really like to see a revisit to the original CDC study that ranked Huntington the Unhealthiest City in America. I’m not saying we would see vast improvement, but I bet there would be some. I’m so proud to see even the smallest changes for the better in my home!