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Kind of Healthy Cookies

10 Dec

Whew! Welcome to Monday!

After a great, relaxing and fun weekend, Monday is turning out to be a little less than great. After a fitful night of sleep, I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat and runny nose — looks like I’m finally catching the bug Zach had last week. Work has been completely crazy this morning, but at least it’s going by quickly. Can’t wait to relax this evening!

Here’s what’s new this rainy, busy, sniffley Monday:

Last night was my Book Club meeting! I made a really yummy and not-the-healthiest Mac & Cheese casserole for the event, and it was a hit. No pictures of the casserole, but I used Alton Brown’s recipe, just added some frozen peas and carrots to up the veggie factor. It was quite yummy and I even packed a little for my lunch today.

I took a total of one picture:

2012-12-09 19.23.54

Which I’m sure our lovely host, Mandee will love as she is in mid-sentence, haha. I just loved how her adorable St. Bernard, Atticus, appears to be joining in on the discussion. He was more interested in the table full of food, I assure you.

The book we read this month is called Wool by Hugh Howey.


It was great! If you like the sci-fi, dystopian future types of books that are popular now, you will love this book. It started as self-published series of  e-book novellas and it has grown to epic proportions. After he wrote the first short story, it became popular and he wrote more to the story. We read the Omnibus edition, which is all 5 books. It has been sold to 20th Century Fox and Ridley Scott has expressed interest in directing the film adaptation! How cool is that?

The food at Book Club was great, as usual. My girlfriends are very good cooks. We had a pot roast, veggies, a lovely spinach salad and a waldorf salad, my mac & cheese, cream puffs, cookies, a really yummy, lemony homemade hummus. So good! Plus, lots of wine.

Speaking of food, I had a serious oatmeal cookie craving this weekend, so on Saturday night I decided to whip up a batch. I wanted to make a recipe that was sort of healthy, but I still wanted it to be dessert, so I ended up googling “kind of healthy oatmeal cookies” — and I came up with this recipe:


These cookies are great. I’ve been eating them for snacks, and I even had a couple for breakfast on Sunday. First, let me tell you what substitutions I made:

  • I soaked the Craisins in apple cider rather than orange juice, because that’s what I had.
  • I used slightly less white sugar, because I was low on white sugar, and slightly more brown sugar.
  • I used honey instead of corn syrup.
  • I left out the orange rind (didn’t have any) and walnuts (not much of a nut-in-cookies fan)

I don’t feel guilty eating these constantly, because as you can see they get most of their sweetness from healthy ingredients. I did use all-purpose flour, but you could substitute whole wheat and make these even healthier. Yum!

Question of the Day:
Do you ever make “kind of ” healthy recipes?