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Staying Healthy when your Routine is Disrupted

5 Jun

Sure, it’s easy to stay healthy when you get into a routine, but what do you do when your routine is disrupted?

Today I’m at a work meeting about an hour away from home and I’m finding a brief moment to blog about how I keep a healthy routine.

We broke for lunch and I had an hour and a half. I noticed that there was nothing but fast food nearby, and a shopping center. I decided to take a nice long hike to the other end of the shopping center to hit up the grocery store.


I was able to not only get in about a 20 minute walk, but also get a pretty healthy lunch of seaweed salad, a pre-peeled hard boiled egg (delicious together, by the way), a peach and (not pictured) a Lara bar. I had to get the frozen yogurt so I could use their table to eat ūüėČ – but I only used fruit toppings!!

I got all of that food for about $10, about the same as fast food and I was able to save back one egg and half the Lara bar for a snack later. I even had time to hit up a local discount store, where I scored a new workout outfit that will inspire me to hit the gym when I get home this evening!

Question of the Day:
How do you stay healthy when your routine is disrupted?

On Track

25 Apr

In my old position at work, I was the Wellness Coordinator for our office. My job is to inform our employees of opportunities for preventative health programs with our health insurance provider, promote wellness in the workplace and set up our annual health screening.

Our health insurance provider offers a $10/month premium discount for all members who participate in the annual health screening. If you get a score of “green”, you get to keep your $10 discount automatically. However, if you get a score of “yellow” or “red”, you must first participate in an “engagement” program. This year one of the engagement programs that was offered was that an Exercise Physiologist would come to your workplace and evaluate employees to see where they could improve in their fitness. All employees were welcome to participate (regardless of their health screening score) and I was able to garner quite a bit of interest.

Charles, our EP, put us through a series of tests to evaluate our fitness. He took our blood pressure, our body fat percentage, resting heart rate and waist circumference. Then he had us use some equipment to test our grip strength, we had to step up on a step for 3 minutes to test how quickly our heart rate falls after exercise, and tested our upper body and ab strength with a push-up and sit-up test. After we finished, he would go through our results with us and tell us what we could do to meet the goals we stated to him when we first started.

One goal is to get my resting heart rate down to the 'well trained athlete' section :)

One goal is to get my resting heart rate down to the ‘well trained athlete’ section ūüôā

As expected, I scored very well in everything but it did show that my body fat percentage, BMI and waist circumference could use some work. Basically, I’m very fit, but I could stand to lose a few pounds. But those are vanity pounds, because all in all I’m in excellent health ¬†— which is all that matters!¬†

I was really excited to bring this program to my coworkers, and I hope to do it again next year to see how people improve their scores.


In other news, I got up early this morning to hit Crossfit and the workout was a doozie:

800 m run
80 air squats
8 pull-ups

We did this twice through, but with a rest between. The goal was to do it once through, and then try to beat your time the second time through. You would think with all the running I’ve been doing lately, the run would have been the easy part, but it wasn’t! My legs felt like lead through the run and that was definitely the part that held me back. I did the first round in 9:10 and the second round in 8:50, so I was pretty pleased to beat my score, even though I struggled a bit through the workout.

This is definitely a fun workout you could do at the gym or at home! You should try it. I really liked trying to beat my time the second time through, as it forces you to really push.

After Crossfit, Frank and I went for a nice long walk! I’m glad the weather decided to shape up again today. Frank had some pent up energy that needed expended!

Question of the Day:
Have you ever met with an Exercise Physiologist? Did it help you meet your fitness goals? 

I’m Back! (sort of)

11 Apr

Well, hello there! Long time no talk to.

I have a pretty good reason for not blogging for over a week, I promise! But, I’ll get to that in a minute. First, I want to tell you that I haven’t been slacking on my workouts. Last week, I ran over 10 miles, which was good for me, and I’ve been going to Crossfit. Frank the puppy has been making getting the workouts in challenging, but we’re adjusting, and I’m walking him like crazy so hopefully the walks count as exercise.

Plus, we play lots of tug of war!

Plus, we play lots of tug of war!


But the reason I’ve not been blogging as consistently as before is pretty exciting: I got a promotion at work! I know I’ve mentioned that I had been taking classes in Accounting here, but recently the Business Manager at the library where I work resigned, and despite the fact that I haven’t actually finished my Accounting degree, my boss has agreed to give me a shot at the job, and it’s a pretty good move up for me. I’ve been so terribly busy lately adjusting to the new job and still covering my old job while they hire someone that I just haven’t had much time to blog. However, I promise that I’ll be back on Monday. I just need a few more days to get my ducks in a row.

Question of the Day:
Will you promise to still read my blog if I take a few more days off? 

How to Pack Food for a Full Day at Work

25 Jan

Before I get to the meat of this post, I wanted to share my treadmill run from yesterday. Once again, I slept in (getting up and out the door in this cold is just not happening), so I saved my workout for the evening after work. When I got to the gym, all the treadmills were full. Now, usually, I would just turn around and head home, because I hate waiting for a treadmill to open up. But, I was determined, so I just hopped on to an elliptical and kept my eyes peeled. Once I was on the elliptical, I looked down and noticed a tag on my leg…I had put my workout pants on inside out!! How¬†embarrassing! I kept tugging at my shirt to cover the tag, and once a treadmill opened up, I ran to the bathroom to turn them right side out….and when I got back someone had taken that treadmill. I was¬†just about¬†to call it a wash when another opened up.

After all that, I ended up having a pretty good run:



I wish I didn’t have to stop after that first part of the run, I had made it a priority to run the whole time. I did pretty well, but after having to stop and run to the restroom, I ended up taking a lot of walking breaks. The first part I had a 10:59 pace, but the second part of the run brought my overall pace to 11:25 total. I have a much better pace when I’m running outside! But, that’s the first time in a while that I’ve run over 4 miles on the “Dreadmill”


As I mentioned the other day in my Healthy Living Survey, if I get overly hungry at work, I can and will attack the vending machine. It’s a habit I’ve tried to break, but if I’m hungry, I can convince myself that anything is a healthy option.

In order to combat that, I try to pack myself enough healthy food to keep me satisfied throughout the day. I also mentioned in that same survey my snack philosophy:


So, I thought I’d share with you what a full day worth of work meals and snacks looks like. This photo was taken on Thursday. On a normal day, I will eat my breakfast and a snack at my desk, and then Zach picks me up and we go home for lunch, or I will walk home for lunch. I will eat my lunch at home, and then re-pack my lunch bag with an afternoon snack. However, on Thursday, Zach was going to be on the road during the day and it was 20 degrees outside, so I decided to pack all my food for that day.


Doesn’t that look like a¬†lot of food!?¬†Well, it is! But, spread out during the day it is the recipe for keeping me satisfied. Here’s what the breakdown looks like:

Breakfast (8:30 AM, at my desk): Eggs with spinach and sausage (in the container above), half of the bagel with a thin spread (about a tablespoon) of neufchatel cheese.
Mid-morning snack (11:00 AM, at my desk): Some apple slices and half a banana with half of the container of yogurt.
Lunch (12:00 Noon, in the lunch room): The other half of the bagel with a thin spread of neufchatel, spinach and turkey. The other half of the banana and some more apple slices with half a serving of peanut butter.
Afternoon snack (between 2:30 and 3:00 PM, at my desk): The remainder of the apples and the rest of the peanut butter, and the other half of the yogurt.

This should keep my evil hunger twin from appearing before I head home at 5:15 PM. The other thing you may notice is that I cut servings in half a lot. I feel like sometimes I eat a full serving size of something (particularly the neufchatel or peanut butter) just because…that’s the suggested serving size, when in fact I would just be fine with half of it.

Sometimes when I stick around the office for lunch, I’ll skip packing the lunch portion and go out for lunch. This can be dangerous, because most of the restaurants near my office are danger zones for healthy eating. However, the one restaurant I go to the most frequently is Uno Chicago Grill.¬†I don’t think people realize the healthy choices this restaurant has (mostly, I picture their deep dish pizza, which is a fat and calorie¬†bomb), but they actually have some really great choices. My favorite is the fact that they have an “all you can eat” soup special for lunch, and they offer 2-3 soups that are actually quite healthy. First, and my favorite, is the Vegetable Soup. It’s so¬†good, and a serving is very low in fat and calories. Paired with a house salad with chicken or their Power Salad, it’s a very filling lunch.

This week, I ended up at Uno’s for lunch and they didn’t have Vegetable Soup! I was devastated, until I realized that they had a new option that sounded so great: Kabocha Pumpkin Soup! Oh my.¬†¬†It was incredible! Because of my chipped tooth (dentist appointment soon!), I was having trouble eating anything solid, so I skipped the salad and had two bowls of the soup for lunch. It was amazing! You must try it.


I only had to move one cracker to make this into a smiley face. That’s fate, you guys.

Question of the Day:
How do you keep the hunger at bay while you’re away from home all day?¬†

Some random news…

20 Sep

Good morning!

As you may or may not know, I work in the Public Library system. I’m not a librarian, I work in the Administrative side of the library business. The library where I work is a Service Center library for many smaller libraries in our state, which means we handle all their administration so they can just be a library.

Yesterday, we had the job of moving one of our smallest branch libraries to a new room. Previously, this library was located in one room of an old school building. This building was dilapidated and is now being torn down. While we would like to build a new library in that area, for now the library is borrowing a room in an (0perating) elementary school. My boss asked people to volunteer to take the day off of their regular jobs to go help move all the books across the street to the new location. Despite this library being very small, it was no easy task. Basically, we had to take the books off of the shelves, load them onto book trucks (a book truck looks like this):


…and then push the truck across the street (completely filled with heavy books) to be unloaded onto the new shelves. Since I work in Administration and don’t know much about shelving books, my job was to load the book trucks and push them across the street. Talk about a workout! After doing this for six hours (with an hour break for lunch), my arms, back and legs were like jelly and I was completely wiped out. I went ahead and counted that as my workout for the day.

This morning I needed some extra sleep, so my speed work will have to wait until after work. I’m happy to report, however, that I’ve had my first pumpkin-flavored thing of the season:

Breakfast this morning (even though you can’t really see the smoothie) was a whole-wheat bagel thin with some neufchatel and a pumpkin spice smoothie (a banana, some pumpkin puree, almond milk, protein powder and lots of pumpkin pie spice). Ohhh, pumpkin. I think football and pumpkin flavored things are our gifts for having to suffer through winter.

I forgot to mention that when I got home from work yesterday, I opened the screen door to see that the tomato fairy had come to my house:


My friends Shane and Susie have a ton of tomato plants. They are overrun with tomatoes right now, and they know where to get rid of produce they can’t use!

Zach and I also booked our wedding venue yesterday! More about that in a separate wedding post, though.

Finally, I’m happy to report that my weight has settled back to the normal 149 lbs after my vacation weight gain. I attribute it to eating healthy and exercising regularly, naturally!

Question of the Day:
What is the best thing that happened to you yesterday?