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Photo Diary of the Past Couple Weeks

22 Aug

Well, good morning and happy Thursday! I’m heading to the beach on Saturday morning for my annual beach trip with friends. I’m pretty excited about the trip, but it’s come at a hectic time in my life, so it’s hard to not be stressed about everything I’m leaving behind — wedding planning, getting the new house together, and work. But, I’m going to try to relax and enjoy the trip! If you’ve been reading for a while (or you know me), you’ll know that this trip is when Zach proposed to me last year, so it will be fun to celebrate the one year anniversary of our engagement at the beach before our wedding next month (!!!).

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:


I’ve been loving the fresh produce available in the summer time. This morning I had the most perfect peach ever on the side of my usual breakfast of a sausage/egg scramble, tomato and coffee:

photo (10)


That sliced tomato wasn’t too shabby either.

Last weekend, after the Crossfit competition, Zach and I went to the first “Rails and Ales Festival” here in Huntington. This is the first time they’ve had a beer festival in downtown Huntington, and it was so fun! When we entered, they gave us a tiny beer mug to sample all the beers. There were also tons of food vendors around, and we couldn’t really decide what to eat until we ran into a friend who had a brat sandwich on this amazing looking bread from the local bakery. We hightailed it over there, and it was one of the best sandwiches I’ve tasted. It had kraut, hot pepper jelly and was served on this amazing homemade cheddar bread. Yum!

rails and ales


The other evening, Zach had a late meeting for work so I was on my own for dinner. Our cupboards are kind of bare right now because we are going on vacation, but I had two frozen Tilapia fillets in the freezer and decided to whip up some fish tacos:

fish tacos


I’ve never made these before, but after I tasted them, I instantly decided that this would be what I made for everyone at the beach (we all take turns cooking dinner). Holy amazing and easy to make!! I basically just brushed the fish with butter and sprinkled it with my favorite spice blend (Bobby Flay’s 16 spice rub — minus the cinnamon and brown sugar) and broiled it until it was flaky. Then I threw a couple tortillas under the broiler for a few seconds on each side, chopped up some tomatoes, avocado, lettuce and cilantro and served. No salsa necessary (although a nice creme fraiche would probably be nice on top) and it was amazing. I didn’t have any corn tortillas, but next time I’ll use them instead of whole wheat. Yum!


We finally moved into our new home!

image (12)

Last Thursday, we rented a Uhaul and loaded up our little crowded apartment, and with some help from friends (Thanks, Mandee and Susie!!) got everything in and our apartment cleaned out in two days.

Zach had to drive the Uhaul and smile when I took photos.

Zach had to drive the Uhaul and smile when I took photos.

I took the two days off of work (we only paid 1/2 month rent at our apartment, so we had to be out by last Friday), and we worked for probably 20 hours those two days. It was quite a workout! But now we’re all moved in and slowly unpacking:

View from the front door. You can see a couple freeloaders have made themselves quite at home.

View from the front door. You can see a couple freeloaders have made themselves quite at home.

I really like the house! I love having a porch, I’ve been drinking my coffee out there every morning:

image (8)

Another thing I love, love about the house is the fact that we are on the very top of a hill, so we have an amazing sunset view:

Seriously, every evening! I'm going to miss this when I come home from work after it's already dark.

Seriously, every evening! I’m going to miss this when I come home from work after it’s already dark.

The one thing I’m not too crazy about is the lack of sidewalks around my neighborhood. Frank and I are big fans of our morning walk, and it’s kind of dicey because a lot of times we have to walk in the street because of the lack of a sidewalk. It also turns out that our street is way busier (especially in the morning) than we thought it would be, because we are right behind the hospital and it seems that the people who work at the rehab center behind the hospital use our street as a through way to get to work. That wouldn’t be so bad, but they go a little fast. I’ve already found myself getting very angry at people who speed up our hill in the mornings. I’m possibly going to contact somebody to see if there is something we can do about getting people to slow down on our street. Maybe that seems silly, but eventually we will have kids, and I would like to walk our kid to school (the elementary school is just down the hill). Right now, it’s a little too dangerous to do that. Does anyone have any suggestions how to go about getting people to slow down in a residential area? 

However, the one thing I do like about walking around our neighborhood is the hills! We are definitely getting more of a workout during our morning walk because of all the hills. I just wish the neighborhood were more walk-friendly.

Lifting Heavy

I’ve definitely been inspired by the Crossfit Competition I participated in last week to really push myself to up my weights at Crossfit. This morning we did the second Open WOD for the WV Crossfit Championship (which I’m not registered for, but it’s still fun to try the WODs).

image (16)

Hang clean squat thrusters are a complicated lift to do very heavy, so I decided to start kind of light. Usually I stick with about 45-55# for this lift, so I started with a 35# bar only and worked up from there. The workout was only 5 minutes long, and we had to reload the bar between each lift so I wrote down my planned weights to keep the flow:

image (17)

I ended up getting through the 9 lifts at 75#, which was very tough for me. That’s the most I’ve ever done for that lift, and I was proud of my performance. Oh, and in case you are wondering, the 10-9-8….3-2-1 was for burpees, sit ups and push ups. That was a tough one!

Like I said, next week I’ll be at the beach, but I didn’t want to take a full week off of Crossfit, so I scheduled a drop in at the local box in Ocean Isle. Despite being new to Crossfit, I knew it was common to “drop in” to a box if you’re visiting somewhere, so I took a chance and located the local box. I contacted them and they were super nice and welcoming! It cost me $15 to do a drop in class at 9:00 AM on Monday, so I’ll be sure to report back how it went.

Question of the Day:
Are you the type of person who works out while you’re on vacation? 

I personally love to work out while I’m on vacation. It’s a fun way to see the sights and since I’m not working, it is easier to find the time to get a workout in! 


The Inception Treadmill Workout

14 Feb

I have updates for you on a few different fronts this morning:


Holy cow, today’s Crossfit workout was a beast!

6 Rounds, for time:
24 KB goblet squats (35, 52)
24 drop lunges (25 lb plate)
24 push ups
400 meter run

It didn’t look bad when I was looking at it, but once I was through the first round, I knew I was in trouble. Once I was through the third round, I thought I might die. Then when I was through the 4th round, I got mad and decided I was going to finish even if I was there all day. That almost happened:


..but I made it through. Don’t let that whole “1st Girl” thing make you think I rocked it — I was the only girl who finished. It was a rough workout. Some people couldn’t finish because they had to leave to get ready for work. I was prepared to be late for work to rock it out. Don’t ever let anyone tell you I’m not determined.



On Tuesday evening, when I got home from my treadmill run, I told Zach, “I did the best treadmill workout at the gym just now!!” and, because he’s an amazing fiance, he gave me his full attention and said, “What was it?” (he’s so not interested in running, but he pretends to be and that is because he’s awesome.)

I said, “I did negative splits within negative splits! It was so fun!”  He responded with, “That sounds like Inception!”

And then I explained what negative splits were, because again, he isn’t a runner. In case you don’t know, a negative split is when you run (or bike or swim) each portion of your workout a little faster than the previous one.

Here’s what I did:

Inception workout

It ended up being a sweaty time, and a really fun way to do negative splits. I really liked that I was pushing my pace every mile, but got to back off a little each time I started a new mile. I hope you give it a try!

Speaking of treadmill workouts, I tried Molly’s My Heart’s a Flutter workout last night, and it was pretty rough. It really got my heart rate “fluttering”! I ended up only doing a couple rounds and then just jogging it out for a few. I’ll have to try that one again. Thanks, Molly (check out her blog here.)

This month’s mileage isn’t going as smoothly as January’s. It turns out that I spoke too soon when I said my oral surgery went well, I’ve been in pain ever since! Yesterday was the first day I didn’t feel constant pain 😦

So far in February, I have  22 miles, and 2 weeks left in the month. Can I complete 28 miles in 14 days? Maybe. I’ll give it a shot, but I’ll just remember that spring is coming, which means many more outdoor miles are in my future, so if I don’t make a total 50 this month, it’s not the end of the world.


Weight Watchers:

A quick Weight Watchers update, mainly because I realized that I mentioned that I was following the plan but I haven’t updated you. I’ve lost a couple pounds, but counting points fell by the wayside after my oral surgery. I couldn’t eat at all for 2 days, and then once I could eat, I didn’t really care how many points my food has as much as I cared if I could eat it without pain, so I took a little break. I gained back a couple ounces, but obviously I’m not worried about it, and now that I’m feeling (mostly) back to normal, I’m back to counting those points! I’ll keep you updated!


Body Image: 

Did you all hear about this?

Apparently in the last episode of Girls, Lena Dunham has an affair with a hot doctor, played by Patrick Wilson, the hottie you see here:


..and of course, Twitter objected (horrible people should have their Twitter privileges revoked), because, according to said horrible people, Lena Dunham isn’t “hot enough” to score a guy like him:

tweet 1

..and for the “I see why he married her” moment of the day, Wilson’s wife responded:

tweet 2

I want to high-five that lady SO HARD.

Question of the Day:

Tell me about your Valentine! 

Fitness Confidence

13 Feb

Though Zach and I celebrated our Valentine’s Day last Friday, I still had a trick up my sleeve. Our philosophy on gifts in general is to never get a gift just to get a gift. We only get something for each other and our friends if we think of something they truly want, or the perfect gift for that person. Last year, we didn’t get each other anything for Valentine’s Day, but this year we each ended up getting something the other person wanted.

This year, Zach got me something I’ve been wanting very much:

pitch perfect

Whoa, sorry for the blurry camera photo!


Ever since we watched the movie a while back, I’ve been talking about it non-stop, so he bought me the Blu ray! Best present ever.

Me, I had a little idea up my sleeve. I read Gretchen Rubin’s Happier at Home recently, which is pretty much just a continuation of her Happiness Project Book, one of the topics I flagged was that she would celebrate minor holidays with an elaborate breakfast for her children. I adored this idea, so I decided to do this for Zach on Valentine’s Day morning. However, I have Crossfit at 6:15 on Valentine’s Day morning, so I did it a day early:

breakfast table


I decorated the table with little heart stickers (they are hard to see because my tablecloth is so busy already), and I bought Zach a card and an iTunes gift card (because he’s been talking lately about some music he wants). Then I made us a delicious breakfast!

His and hers breakfast. Zach prefers a more savory breakfast, so he got an egg too.

His and hers breakfast. Zach prefers a more savory breakfast, so he got an egg too.

The pancakes are roughly heart shaped. I made a little aluminum foil heart mold for the pancakes, but they tended to spread out a bit after I took the mold away, so they were just kind of heart shaped.

And, with that, I promise the Valentine’s Day posts are over! I fully intend that our Valentine’s Days will be less eventful as we grow as a married couple, but this will be our only Valentine’s Day as an engaged couple, so I wanted it to be a bit special. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The other thing I wanted to talk today about is fitness confidence. I promise this is relevant, but here is what yesterday’s Crossfit WOD looked like:

100 KB swings (35, 52)
100 Double unders
100 Wall Balls
100 Air squats

Now, keep in mind that I did Angie in 27 minutes, which is also 100 reps, but is (in my opinion), a bit more difficult than this WOD, especially since I can’t really do double unders, so I modify that to regular jump rope (although I double the reps), and air squats are no biggie for me (I attribute my runner’s quads for my ease with air squats). So, when I tell you that I was the very first person finished, with a pretty great time of 20:17, you may not be surprised.

I was.

In fact, as I sat guzzling my water, I started getting insecure as to why I finished so quickly. Did I modify too much? Did I accidentally skip a round without realizing it (I broke up the exercises into sets of 25 — going through 4 times)? In short, I was pretty much putting myself down. I was telling myself, “There is no way you finished this workout this quickly, when these other people aren’t even close to being finished yet.”

But, I did. I know I did all the reps of the exercises, I was keeping careful count. I wish I could just be confident in my abilities.

I do this a lot, actually, but usually it’s in the form of thinking I should have pushed myself harder. No matter how hard a workout is, once my heart rate is back to normal and I’m hydrated, I feel like I didn’t push myself hard enough.

Question of the Day:
Am I the only one who isn’t very confident in their abilities? What should I do to increase my confidence, or does this just come with time? 


I Drank the Kool-Aid

29 Jan

This morning (after a whopping 3 hours of sleep — ugh), I attended my second Crossfit….class? Seriously, someone tell me what I should be calling it, class doesn’t sound right.

Anywho, as I mentioned, I didn’t get a stellar night of sleep last night. I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but there are some nights when I literally cannot keep my eyes open when I’m in the living room watching TV, but as soon as I lay down in bed, I’m wide awake. I lay down in bed at a little after 9, and didn’t fall asleep until at least midnight. Then, I was wide awake at 3:00 AM and wasn’t able to get back to sleep. I don’t know if I was anxious about my workout or what?

Well, I should have been. Today’s WOD was a doozie:

40 minutes AMRAP (as many reps as possible): 

50 double-unders
50 burpees (with a push up)
50 air squats
50 box jumps
50 push ups
50 wall balls
1.5 minute rest between each exercise

…!!! Let’s see, first of all, I ended up getting through all the exercises once, then finished my box jumps and was just about to start my first push up when he called time. I was pretty impressed with my performance, especially since I was one of only two girls and some of the guys called it quits before he called time. I pushed through and even though I was taking some breathers, I didn’t stop until he said time.

Since I’m new to Crossfit, I will assume you are also new to Crossfit. I read a lot of blogs of people who do Crossfit, and I’m usually really confused by the exercises, so let me break them down for you:


The goal of the double-under is to get the jump rope under your legs twice in one jump. In order to do this, you have to jump pretty high. I’ve always kind of struggled with jump rope, so I’m not quite there yet. Luckily our coach said we could do 100 singles if we struggled with the double-unders, so that is what I did.


You probably know what a burpee is, but in case you don’t here’s what it looks like:

…except our coach made us add in the push up, too. Sigh.

Air Squats

The goal with the air squat is to really get down low. This is where I was able to excel. I pumped out both sets of 50 air squats in no time, even on the second go-around when I was tired. I solely credit my leg strength to swimming in high school and running now. I love squats!

Box jumps

I was going to show you a picture of someone jumping on an insanely high box, but I figured I didn’t want to mislead my readers. The box she is jumping on is about the height I used today. I’m pretty short, and nervous about falling/banging my shins, so I played it safe. This was another skill that I feel like rocked.

Push ups

I’m not going to show you a picture of this. I’ll assume you know what a push up looks like.

Wall Balls

I’ll be honest, when I saw wall balls on the agenda again today, I almost cried. For some reason last time I did a WOD, they almost killed me. But, I’m happy to say I powered through them this time. I am, however, glad I only ended up having to do one round!

You are supposed to go into a full squat, raise up, launch the ball to the desired height (at my box, there are two lines, one for females and one for males), catch it in a full squat and repeat. I used a 10 pound ball. I think next time we do wall balls, I’ll go up to 12 lbs.

I’ll tell you, I don’t know a time when I have sweat more than I did today! I’ve always kind of wished I was that person who worked so hard that their sweat literally dripped onto the floor, and today I achieved that. I started out with a guy who was pretty fit, so I was proud of myself for keeping up with him the whole time. I’d say that I have definitely drank the Crossfit kool-aid. I’m not going to start going 5 days a week or quit running, but I do think I’ll stick with 2 days a week for a while. I feel like a beast when I complete such a tough workout!

Question of the Day:
Have you ever tried Crossfit? Would you, if you had the chance? 


I’ve Got the Boot Camp Blues

15 Jan

Yesterday morning I woke up and went to the gym, I hit up my favorite cardio fusion class like normal. It was a good class, lots of cardio and strength intervals.

After work, Zach had to do some travelling for work, so I was on my own in the evening. Turns out, it’s boring sitting around the house by yourself. So, I decided to hit up the 7:30 Boot Camp Class at my gym.


I’ve been to the Boot Camp class that is taught by these two trainers at my gym, and I knew it was no joke. I was dreading it the whole time I walked to the gym, and the whole time I sat there listening to the regulars talk about how we were doing “22’s” and how sore they were after doing them last time. I had no idea what they were talking about, and I was nervous.

After a ten-minute warm up on the track, I was quickly assimilated into the world of “22’s”. Basically, we were split up into three groups. On the whistle, we had to sprint the length of the gym 4 times (up and back twice), shooting for 22 seconds. After you were done, you waited for the other two groups to go (basically, a 44 second rest) and then went again. Ten times. The first few times, it’s fun. After that you’re dying to stop, but I didn’t! By the tenth time, I barely made it to half court on the last length before he called 22 seconds. If you have an empty gym and you’re looking for a good workout, try it!

After that, there were some kettlebell drills and seal walks across the gym. I took off early because the weather was getting bad and I wanted to be home when Zach got there.

I’ll tell you what, I might be doing intense workouts later in the evening more often. That workout knocked me out! I was pretty sleepy by the time Zach got home, but I forced myself to stay up and chat with him for a while, but by the time I climbed into bed, I was out like a light. I even skipped the early morning gym this morning, because I just wanted to sleep some more. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to go for a run later this evening.

In food news, here is a picture of my new favorite breakfast. A sausage, egg and edamame scramble with a little cheese and sriracha. Looks small, but it packs a protein punch that keeps me satisfied for quite some time. I love breakfast scrambles. I just cook up whatever veggies and/or meat I want, beat an egg on the side, then pour it in when the veggies/meat are almost cooked. Oh yum!

2013-01-10 17.57.16


I hate blog posts with no pictures, don’t you?

Question of the Day:
What was the toughest workout you’ve had recently? 


DVD Review: Dance off the Inches Latin Cardio Party

20 Nov

Monday morning I woke up and decided to try one of my new Cardio Dance DVD’s that I won on Cait’s blog.

Now, I’m still participating in Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer, and Monday was supposed to be my third rest day in a row. As you know if you read this blog regularly, I only really took one of those rest days, because I went for a 3 mile run on Satuday, followed by yoga, and then Monday morning I did this video. I know Jamie says no cardio for the first 4 weeks, but I really can’t remain completely inactive for three days in a row. Perhaps I should be embracing the rest, because I know after Phase 1 of the program, things will get a little more intense. However, I’m an active person and if I don’t do something I get antsy! So, I’m not doing intense treadmill sprints, but I will be doing some light cardio  here and there. Sorry Jamie!

On to the review:

Now, I’ve been known to go to a Zumba class here and there, but I’m in no way a dancer. If you have any formal dance training, or you just pick up on dance moves easily by watching someone do them (I do not), you can skip the Step Guide because when you get to the main workout, she still breaks down the moves for you.  However, if you are like me and you need someone to really slow down the moves to get it, the Step Guide is really helpful, and it serves as somewhat of a warm up.

This DVD is fun. I like to dance, and if you’re one of those people who needs a workout to be fun, this DVD would be great for you. Even the Step Guide is fun! Some of the more complicated moves, such as the Samba and Cumbia, are broken down so well in the step guide that I think I’ll benefit the next time I go to Zumba.

The main workout of the DVD has 3 dance sections, which each last about 20 minutes. Because the Step Guide takes about 15-20 minutes to complete, I only had time for one of the dance sections. I still felt like I got a good workout! After the first dance, my heart rate was up and I was grinning from ear-to-ear! Like I said, she still breaks down each move for you, but having done the step guide was helpful. Like most other dance DVD’s, she starts with the first move, then adds a move on until you’re doing the whole dance.

One thing I really liked about this workout, was that she kept reminding you to make it exercise. For example, she reminds you to add resistance to the arm moves rather than just flailing your arms around to get an arm workout. She also reminds you quite a bit to tighten your core and really get your hips in on the action.

I can’t wait to try the other two dance sections on this DVD!

I would say that if you’re looking for a hardcore workout, you might want to skip this DVD, but if you’re looking for something quick and fun that will get your heart pumping, give it a try!

This DVD is available for $9.99 on Amazon, and if you go to my Amazon store, I’ve added it to the Fitness section.

Question of the Day:
What do you look for in a good workout DVD? 


I Just Want to Run!!

15 Nov

Yesterday, I got this email in my inbox:


…and the longing began. I had originally planned to sign up for the Turkey Trot after I finished the half-marathon, but then I injured myself in mile 8 of my half. Obviously, on Monday, when I was barely able to walk, I had written the run off completely. But now, after a few days of rest, my legs feel fine, so I’m seriously considering signing up for the race. I love Turkey Trots! Two years ago, after I finished my first half marathon, I ran the Turkey Trot and got my best 5k time ever. Also, today is payday, so I’m itching to pull out the old credit card and sign up. Let me know if you think I should do it or not in the comments below.

Today was Day 3 of Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer:


I was definitely out of my comfort zone today, because instead of just going upstairs to use the Nautilus machines, I stayed down in the weight room and used the machines that you have to add your own plates to. I even had to ask the guy who was working at the gym to show me how to use some  of them. This is something I would have never done before. Usually I just stick to what I know, or just wait until someone else uses a machine so I can see how they do it.

Ok, so I looked ahead a bit in the plan, and after tomorrow I have 3 rest days!? In a row! I don’t know if I can go three whole days without working out. I know I’ve committed to this program, but I might be sneaking in a little something something during those three days. The dance DVD’s I won from Cait Plus Ate are calling to me, and to be honest, I really want to try running. Jamie is very clear that you are to do no cardio for 4 weeks, but I honestly don’t think I can follow that to a T. Running and working out to DVD’s is fun to me, and I can’t imagine just not doing anything at all for 3 days. We’ll see how it goes.

One more quick update! I’ve been sleeping amazingly well the past couple of weeks. My secret? Ear plugs! I was a bit afraid that I wouldn’t wake up to my alarm because I couldn’t hear it, but that hasn’t been an issue for two reasons: 1, because I actually can hear my alarm through the ear plugs, albeit faintly, but my body knows what that sound means, and 2, because I usually wake up without my alarm because I’m so well rested! Amazing, huh?

Question of the Day:
What is the maximum amount of rest days you’ve taken in a row? 


DVD Review: Fit in 5

23 Oct

I had quite a frustrating day yesterday. It seemed like everything that I wanted to do got usurped by something I had to do. Does that ever happen to you? It was frustrating, to say the least and let’s just say that there were tears and leave it at that.

However, a few good things did happen yesterday. I got some goodies in the mail! First of all, the shirt I won from Courtney, over at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life, showed up! (Thanks Courtney, I love it!)

That is a very awkward head angle to get the second picture!

I love it! I got a medium, which is just a tiny bit roomy, but that doesn’t really bother me. I love the hashtag on the back. I also received a workout DVD that I won from a Self Magazine giveaway.

I wasn’t sure what I was getting, but I read the back of the DVD and automatically like the concept. It’s 5 20-minute workouts, pulled from 5 different workout DVD’s. There is a Strength workout (From Weight Loss Cardio Sculpt by Violet Zaki); a Pilates workout (From Weight Loss Pilates with Kristen McGee [My favorite]) ; a yoga workout (from Yoga for Everybody by Hemalayaa); a dance workout (from ); and a cardio workout (from ).

When I woke up this morning and just wasn’t feeling the gym (I want to run today, but the treadmill sounded unappealing. The weather is supposed to be nice tonight, so I can do an outdoor run after work), I decided to try this one out for you.

I did three of the workouts: The strength, pilates and yoga. Luckily, the yoga portion counted for my 3x/a week goal — two birds, one stone.


I actually really liked this workout. It was strength portions followed by bursts of cardio, similar to a Jillian Michaels’ workout, but not as intense. It was more of a beginner level, although I was definitely dripping the sweat at the end. This is a good workout to do in combination with other workouts, when you don’t want to use everything up in 20 minutes. Although the cardio bursts weren’t as intense as I’m used to, as long as you use heavy enough weights, the strength portions were good.


Oh, Kristin! You and your boat pose.

This one was a toughie. It starts out with a cardio portion that you repeat between sequences. There isn’t much to say about this other than you should try a Pilates workout with Kristin. She really works you, and I love the way she explains the poses.


I loved this little yoga sequence. It wasn’t your typical sequence and it really stretched me out and made me feel energized. Do you know what lion’s breath in yoga is? Normally in yoga, you breath slowly, in through your mouth and out through your nose. However, lion’s breath (usually paired with cat pose) has you stick out your tongue on the exhale and push out the breath, kind of like a lion roar. At first, I felt a little silly doing it, but Hemalayaa says it is supposed to be a cleansing breath, to let go of any tension you’ve been holding, and while it may have been in my head, but I really started to feel it working. Plus, I loved the relaxing set, with the low lighting and candles.

I still haven’t tried the other two workouts, but I’d recommend this DVD. It’s good for the days when you know you need to workout, but you don’t want to leave your house.

Question of the day:
What do you look for in a good workout DVD? 


No Sleep ’til….

9 Aug

I did not sleep well last night, and that is the second time this week. I’ve had some serious issues with insomnia in the past year or so, but lately it has been very much under control. I hope this doesn’t mean my insomnia is returning.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m in my first week of half-marathon training for the Herald-Dispatch Half Marathon on November 7. I’ve had to juggle  some workouts around already because of not getting any sleep on Sunday night. I had just gotten caught up and then I ended up not getting a workout in this morning because I didn’t sleep well last night. Sigh.

I still owe myself a 3 mile run and a strength session or yoga before the weekend arrives — no problem. I’ll either get something in this evening or (if I sleep — knock on wood) do that at the gym in the morning.

Speaking of evening workouts, I have been doing more and more evening workouts lately, and for someone who is usually very adamant about working out first thing in the morning, I’ve been enjoying it. When I got home from work yesterday, I was hungry and a little cranky so I just didn’t feel like running before dinner. I scraped together a quick dinner of tacos (no photos, because it wasn’t terribly exciting) and sat down to do some reading.

About an hour after I ate, I decided I actually did want to go for a run after all. It was so humid! I ran my favorite 3 mile course, from my front door to the end of the park and back. I stopped at the halfway point and debated calling Zach and asking him to pick me up. It turns out that my dinner wasn’t as digested as I had thought, so I was running in the heat with a brick in my stomach.

I was SO sweaty, I literally had sweat dripping down my face. That never happens to me, and I’m secretly really excited when it does. Gross, I know, but I basically think the more you’re sweating, the harder you’re working. Anyway, after sitting down for about 5-10 minutes, I felt like I could probably make it back and I slowly jogged the last half home. It seems like I’m having more bad runs than good lately, and I’m excited to get that one really great run in soon.

Abby at Back at Square Zero is hosting a really great challenge this week. The LadyLike Challenge was born when Abby read something in Fitness magazine about how competitive women are over looks, weight, clothes, etc. She challenges us to do three things this week:

  1. Compliment a stranger
  2. Compliment a friend
  3. Compliment yourself

I think this is such a terrific idea. It really bothers me how much girl-on-girl hating I see on a day-to-day basis. I’ve gotten to a place in my life where I have surrounded myself with a really great group of girlfriends who don’t feel the need to compare themselves to one another based on looks. It makes me so happy that I can hang out with this group of girls and know that they aren’t thinking about my clothes, or if I’ve gained a couple of pounds. It does wonders for your self-esteem. Anyway, enough about me….

I urge all my female readers to take this challenge, either formally by checking out Abby’s post and tweeting at her about it, or just thinking about the ways you can be nicer to the females around you. Think of how successful we could be if we weren’t constantly worried about competing to be the prettiest, or skinniest. 🙂

Question of the Day:
Are you a morning exerciser or an evening exerciser? 


26 Jul

Though I have a love affair with running, my first true love is yoga. I hate that I don’t practice as often as I used to, because I miss it. I just don’t feel like there are enough hours in the day sometimes, and yoga is the first thing that suffers in my fitness regime somehow. But let me tell you how I fell in love with yoga.

It all started with Pilates, really. Even when I was overweight, I practiced Pilates fairly regularly. Then, I purchased this DVD:

The best!

….I’m not kidding when I say I wore this DVD out. Eventually, I had to buy a new copy, because it was skipping so much. Then, I bought a new copy 2 more times because every time a friend became interested in yoga, I gave them this DVD to try  (it’s actually really cheap on Amazon, so it’s not setting me back too much.) The DVD is “hosted” by Lori from the Real World, but the true star, in my opinion, is Kristin McGee, the instructor.

Uh, how adorable is she!? (photo from her Twitter @thebendigirl)

Her teaching style on the DVD is awesome, especially if you’re new to yoga. I really love the whole flow, because while it is great for beginners, even if you’re more advanced, you won’t be bored, and you will be challenged. She leads you through a vinyasa flow that gets your heart rate up quite a bit. At the end of the video, there is a little Q&A session where Lori (the host, I don’t even remember her from The Real World to be honest) asks Kristin some questions about how specific poses are done, and it’s actually quite helpful if you’re new to yoga. Once I felt I had mastered that flow, I moved on to the Power Yoga, which is a little more advanced than the first:

You MUST buy this DVD!

I’m not kidding when I say that every time I do this workout, I’m sore the next day. It’s intense and awesome. As you would expect, there are modifications, so anyone can do this DVD. That’s the thing I really love about yoga: An experienced yogi and a beginner can do the exact same class with just a little modification.

Secondary to the actual workout and Kristin’s awesome instruction, the music and settings for these DVD’s are really great. I actually really like the music a lot, and I think that’s important.

If you’re interested in purchasing either of these DVDs, Amazon has Mtv Yoga listed for $12, and Power Yoga listed for $7.49. Clicking the links will take you right to Amazon where you can purchase them. Alternatively, you can purchase both plus Mtv Pilates and Mtv Pilates Mix (both also led by Kristin McGee) for $34.99 (a steal!) by clicking here.

So why am I reviewing two DVD’s that are almost 10 years old? Well, obviously I think that they are great workouts that withstand the test of time, but the reason I even thought to bring this up here is because yesterday I got a little starstruck, when I was participating in a Twitter chat about yoga, and guess who tweeted at me:


I was SO excited! I immediately told Zach (he politely congratulated me, but most likely thought I was crazy) and it just made me so happy!

I mean, I’ve been using these DVDs for years, and I like her so much that I even bought a few more DVDs just because she was the instructor. She really is that great. It would be a dream come true to go to a class that was being taught by her (it’s going on the bucket list as we speak….)

If you’re new to yoga or an experienced yogi, I really urge you to try these DVDs. I promise you will not be sorry! And follow me on Twitter (@kristy_joy), but don’t get mad when I participate in Twitter chats (which is very often).

Question for the day:
Who is one of your fitness idols?